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Richard Milani, MD: Digital Medicine Programs and the Ochsner O Bar

A Team that Understand Caregivers Caring for a loved one with high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes has its own challenges. Your personal care team monitors your readings to help make treatment decisions. You can reach out to them directly over the phone or from the MyOchsner app. Connect with your clinician, who can adjust medications, and your health coach, who can offer advice, over the phone.

It operates 47 hospitals and more than 370 health and urgent care centers across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Gulf South; and its cutting-edge Connected Health digital medicine program is caring for patients beyond its walls. In 2021, Ochsner Health treated more than 1 million people from every state and 75 countries. As Louisiana’s top healthcare educator, Ochsner Health and its partners educate thousands of healthcare professionals annually. More impressively, 59% of people with poorly-controlled diabetes achieved control over their condition as part of the digital program – a rate twice as high as usual care.

Following completion of the first year of the pilot, an independent actuarial firm confirmed that health outcomes of Medicaid patients improved by scientifically significant standards. Our pharmacists and clinicians specialize in managing chronic conditions. Following current evidence-based guidelines, they adjust medications and dosages to find the right balance for each patient. Our health coaches are trained in motivational interviewing and behavior change. They work with patients to set personal goals and take manageable steps towards a healthier lifestyle. We also created the Diabetes Digital Medicine program which functions similarly to the Hypertension Digital Medicine program.

The Digital Medicine team provides you with one-on-one personalized care every step of the way. Your care team includes a licensed clinician who manages medications and a health coach who helps subdus restaurant you take better care of yourself. Ochsner Digital Medicine helps members manage their high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes from home while staying connected to a dedicated care team.

Ochsner Health is an integrated healthcare system with a mission to Serve, Heal, Lead, Educate and Innovate. Celebrating 80 years in 2022, it leads nationally in cancer care, cardiology, neurosciences, liver and heart transplants and pediatrics, among other areas. Ochsner is consistently named both the top hospital and top children’s hospital in Louisiana by U.S.

Patients use a digital glucometer and their smartphone to send at-home blood sugar readings to the digital care team. Participants see A1c improvements, with an absolute 0.7 percent drop after just 90 days in the program, and at the same time, are experiencing fewer or even no hypoglycemic events. Participants also report reductions in the diabetes distress and are more successful in completing recommended health maintenance activities like A1c tests and eye exams. In addition to improving health outcomes, participation in the digital medicine program resulted in high patient satisfaction, with a net promoter score greater than 91 for Medicaid participants. This is consistent with the high patient satisfaction with digital chronic disease management programs at Ochsner among non-Medicaid patients. A lot of our focus in digital health has been, and continues to be, on chronic disease.

Manage your high blood pressure and/or type 2 diabetes at home using a digital device to send readings to your Digital Medicine team who will make adjustments to your care, as needed. The Ochsner Health System’s DMH program improved enrollee blood-pressure, medication adherence and health care utilization. Effect of home blood pressure telemonitoring with self-care support on uncontrolled systolic hypertension in diabetics.

My patients and I are on the same team working together as one to gain control of their disease state and improve their lives. I really enjoy motivating individuals to make healthy changes to their lifestyle. I feel my role as a health coach goes beyond diet education and setting goals. Ochsner is committed to a clinically-integrated research program with the ultimate goal of improving the health and wellness of our patients and communities.