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304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Restaurant fresh cuisine, light and concerned a local economy leads us to offer a short menu but rich in flavor

La Villa Restaurant, Banquets and Lounge in Chicago’s Old Irving Park Area is a local favorite. Our Menu includes our famous pizza and home renovation meme a wide variety of dinner options. Customers love the old school charm of the dining room, friendly staff and unforgettable food.

For over 40 years the La Villa family has been serving you delicious & authentic cuisine. Steve recommends La Villa and says when you’’re there, you’’ll be treated like family. Certified gluten free prep area and anything on the menu can be adapted to GF. That’s big for Italian, pizza, and sandwiches.

I’m the one who has to have GF but my family never wants me to feel different so they eat GF also. It was very tasty and Michael was so nice when explaining the GF menu to me. Would I rather have chips instead. At most restaurant waiters and waitresses just look at me as if I lost my mind when I tell them I’m gluten intolerant.

Very accommodating especially with the kids! The owner came to discuss the order to see who was celiac and inform us what they do. Staff was knowledgeable and able to explain how they treat GF items.

The quality of food and price do not match. La Villa adds 10% service charge and 7% VAT to your bill. Relax and enjoy our family style pizza restaurant today. Want to satisfy your craving for delicious Italian food? Find fresh, local pizza in Morrisville, Pennsylvania.