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👏 Biomilq, a new startup making cell cultured human breast milk, successfully produced predominant breast milk protein and sugar components using human mammary cells isolated outside of the body. The capital infusion will be used to scale technology and prepare for a commercial launch starting with personal care products at the end of 2020 . Culturing the desired cell type (muscle + fat) with organ cells mimics an animal’s own internal endocrine system by replicating the interaction between organ networks.

These comments are in addition to the fundamental research one should conduct on a company that is in registration for its IPO. Nothing can substitute for in-depth research on a company prior to investment. If you are a venture capitalist and would like to request a copy of our most recent report, please contact Campton Private Equity Advisors at

As a reminder, HUL has an extensive FMCG distribution network all over India, including remote areas/villages. GSK India is undergoing a restructuring, spinning off the consumer-health division, and has also started referral shark tank a two-year program to get it ready to set up two new leading companies in biopharma and consumer health care. In India, GSK has separately listed companies for its pharmaceutical and consumer businesses.

The incubator was created to accelerate the development of technologies including synthetic biology, microbial fermentation and tissue engineering. Cell based fish company, BlueNalu, announced a product demo of the company’s yellowtail amberjack grown using cellular aquaculture. Panel discussion on cell culture media, featuring Mercedes Vila, CTO & Co-Founder, Biotech Foods, Leo Groenewegen CEO, CellularRevolution, Max Rye, CTO, Turtle Tree Labs, which will address what what critical components would be essential prerequisites to a usable cell culture media formulation. There may also be some collaboration on “ingredient inputs” although it is unclear if this refers to cell culture media or which specific ingredients Mosa Meat would be sourcing.

Plant based fats do not have the same meltability and solidifying properties, but most importantly the flavor profiles are not as robust as animal based fats. The company is working with local manufacturers to create scaled up bioreactors and once they acquire a big enough bioreactor, BIFE will be ready for commercial production. “The new investment expands on that expertise, presenting an opportunity to consider how Nutreco companies may also support alternative protein suppliers with sustainable ingredients.” Nutreco Investment Director, Joost Matthijssen stated in an email. Mosa Meat raised $8,343,037 in 2018 from Bell Food Group, BELL and M Ventures (venture capital arm of Merck MRK . Lab grown foods (non-meat) are made through a process called precision fermentation.