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Queer Eye: Karamo Brown and Antoni Porowski Had ‘Conflict’ During Season 1

“Sometimes we’re driving for two hours, and so if you’re in the driver’s seat you are definitely gonna be awake and control of the radio. That morning I was adamant that I wanted it, not knowing that was going to the part of the show.” Brown isn’t the first celeb who’s put his ice tray to good use for something other than cocktails. Kate Moss has been known to soak her face in ice water for the sake of younger-looking picture perfect memories lyrics skin (…does anyone else get chills just reading that?), and Madonna stores her beauty tools in the freezer to give them an added level of effectiveness. Apparently, there was a mysterious “third-party” person who made it hard for the two of them to get along on a deep level. Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown just said that he and Antoni Porowski didn’t get along when they first started filming the series.

“I use a wash cloth to pick up one ice cube. I then run the ice cube along my entire face until it melts,” he wrote. “It does wonders for my complexion, pimples, wrinkles, etc.” He also shared a screenshot of some of the benefits that ice can have on your skin, including exfoliation, soothing sunburns and inflammation, and boosting circulation. Karamo Brown, the resident culture expert on the show, recently shared his secret to silky-smooth skin, and as it turns out it has nothing to do with pricey products or an intense, multistep regimen. In fact, Brown’s skin-care hero costs $0, and chances are you probably have it in your house — more specifically, in your freezer. There were many times when I was in school and when I was working in social services that I would want to talk to someone , and I would try to.

Karamo Brown, 40, one of the fab five of the Netflix show Queer Eye, also got caught in the trap of the never-ending updates. “There were a lot of moments where I caught myself watching the news, constantly on this news cycle,” Brown tells Health. But somewhere between the casting process and the filming of those first eight episodes in Georgia, Karamo says his confidence in his vision blurred. “Queer Eye” Season 2 hits Netflix on Friday, and it’s bound to keep you glued to your screens for at least eight hours this weekend (or more, if watching once isn’t enough for you). Luis Ruelas gifts Teresa Giudice’s four daughters $12,500 Cartier… Beyonce is set to return to the stage for the first time in almost five years with a one-off performance in Dubai.

The Bachelor producers also released a statement pledging to “do better to reflect the world around us,” so a spot for Karamo on the show could be a reality. In June The Bachelor cast Matt James, its first male black lead ever after fans demanded more diversity on the show. QUEER Eye’s Karamo Brown says he’s ready to become the first ever gay Bachelor following his split from fiance Ian Jordan. “Thankfully it turned out great in the end because it’s a conversation that needs to be had,” he told Refinery29. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement and Your California Privacy Rights. If you need help purchasing a product directly from Allure, go to our FAQ.

It helps me to calm myself down, and it helps me to ensure that my migraine doesn’t start to get really bad. What led Brown to the road to recovery was learning that he was the dad to a 10-year old, as improbable as it sounded. “I had way too many penises in my back pocket for me to have a baby now,” he told the Advocate. The boy, named Jason, was living in Texas with his mother, whom Brown had a relationship with when they were 14. He never learned of the pregnancy because the girl moved away and never informed him, and only learned of his parenthood by a bureaucratic enquiry that came to him when the child’s mother applied for public benefits. Not knowing where she was, he went to Texas to track her down and meet his son.

At the beginning of July, Queer Eye stars Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski got fans of the Netflix show talking after they created a couples Instagram account. From hair trends to relationship advice, our daily newsletter has everything you need to sound like a person who’s on TikTok, even if you aren’t. The more knowledge people have—and that’s why I’m sharing it—the more people understand that this is not just a headache. When they understand that their family member or friend is really suffering, that’s where the empathy starts to come in. It’s a mental trick of changing your thought patterns from negative, fear-based feelings to more positive, love-based feelings.

I was given an ice pack, in case I had any swelling or soreness, but I felt completely normal and didn’t need it. I was bracing for a headache and some bruising – which are common side effects after getting Botox – but the next day, I looked and felt fine. Dr. Arbeitman did note that in between treatments, he recommended using the SymplBrush ($149) to maintain my general oral health, particularly in case of any sensitivity I could have experienced post procedure.

News that he and castmate Antoni Porowski basically hated each other at first. “When it’s pride month but you’re in a conservative state. #TurnTheTexasFlagQueer,” he wrote. “It’s because no one has ever challenged them when it comes to their emotional or mental health. These individuals have never been challenged by someone who is Black.” The report also notes that the capital of Texas, Austin, is considered one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in America.

During Ian’s May 8 birthday, the ‘culture expert’ got down on one knee yet again to show his lifelong commitment. There’s plenty of emotional substance in Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot, but it mostly seems like the Fab Five — Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, and Tan France — just have a ton of fun. While filming one episode, though, France says he almost quit Queer Eye — and, according to the stylist’s interview with Refinery29, fans actually ended up watching a watered-down version of the scene play out on screen. Brown’s ice hack isn’t the only free beauty tip worth stealing from the Queer Eye squad. Fellow Fab Five member Jonathan Van Ness recently told Bustle that one of the keys to having pretty hair is saying nice things to it, a theory that’s somewhat backed by science. Either way, the Queer Eye cast has now given us two new steps to add to our beauty routines that won’t cost a thing.

“My cast knew because I would be driving in the car, and we’d go over a bump and on the roof, my hairline would be there,” he told Allure Magazine earlier this month. “And the guys would be like, ‘Oh, we know where Karamo’s at,’ because my hairline was covering the roof.” During the height of the pandemic and lockdown orders, many of us found ourselves addicted to watching the news in 2020, crazy as it was.