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PSECU Says It’s Time For Generous Credit Card Rewards

@OP I honestly adjust my shopping habits based on these rewards and it wasn’t hard to jump on it because I loved seeing thousands of points come in for normal purchases . I’m talking about HOW you pay, rather than WHERE you pay. With other cards, Amex for example, you may get a certain amount of rewards when you use your card at a restaurant and grocery store, but there are exceptions.

After near 50 years I am ready to move on from this credit union. No portion of this site may be reproduced without explicit permission from the owners. The content of is subject solely to the personal whim of its admins. Comments or questions regarding the site may be addressed to If you don’t set up or if you discontinue autopay on your PSECU auto loan, your rate will increase by 0.25% APR. Note that PSECU does not extend loans for the purchase of motorcycles, boats or other leisure or sports vehicles.

AC allows you to make many payments per day so its been useful for me. I don’t really want to worry about where I have to spend my money to maximize my rewards. At the end of the day, it doesn’t seem like it’s that worth it to me. So to just know some basic rules which never change and know that I’ll get the cash back the next day is pretty neat. This may not sound bad at first but after a while I started to realized I was shopping at places I wouldn’t normally go to or pay a little extra just to get those extra points.

Every single time I call they’re always attentive to my questions. WalletHub makes it easy to compare credit card across many companies. PSECU can assist buyers searching for the best rates on vehicle loans.

FoundersCard is perfect for entrepreneurs, an innovators and startup creators. The private membership club comes with unique personal and business perks. Members of FoundersCard receive access to the club’s social community and networking opportunities with likeminded, ambitious people from different industries.

In which case, you should expect this card to earn you double points cash back, if and only if, you apply for a checking account from them and accomplish the $500 direct deposit requirement. We’ve seen quite the selection of cards including the FNBO’s issued Complete Rewards or USAA Limitless quick2lend reddit 2.5% that had a requirement in order to the maximum potential cash-back. I recommend just getting a Fidelity VISA Signature for a flat 2% cash back and a $100 Sign-up Bonus. Don’t forget to check out our full list of Credit Card Bonuses if you’re not interested at the moment.

I have been one of their customers for several years and I’m highly pleased with the low interest loans I’ve received from PSECU. For years, PSECU had done well with its low, fixed-rate Visa, which charges 9.9% APR for all FICO scores, and is still offered by the credit union. The fact that it is a low-rate card with no risk-pricing had appealed to members over the years that wanted a good, straightforward deal, said Smith. The credit union’s 2.9% balance transfer offer, too, has helped bulk up the portfolio, which now totals $670 million in balances.

It could take 7 to 10 business days to get approved for a PSECU Credit Card. But you could also be approved instantly, if your information can be easily verified. My only issue is that despite several attempts to link our accounts, it still has not happened.