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Prose vs Function of Beauty how the 2 most popular personalized haircare companies stack up

Using Prose products has been an incredibly luxurious experience for me, but I also did not have any serious “hair issues” to begin with. As I had mentioned earlier, I play a lot of tennis , and what obsesses me about Prose is that the shampoo is totally okay to use every day if I need to. For before and after blue dye on brassy hair testing purposes, I did shower daily, though I’m usually an every-three-days kind of gal. And even with daily washing, my hair never got that weird squeaky, stripped feeling. Mind you, this is all upon a head of hair that is so short that it cannot even gather into any kind of ponytail yet.

I feel like I need to use a TON of the dry shampoo to see any difference. Sign up for our newsletter to get honest reviews on top products & services — delivered weekly to your inbox. If you ever need to indicate a change in hair or lifestyle—perhaps you’ve treated yourself to a fresh cut and color, or you’ve switched to a vegan diet—you should update your consultation. This means we’ll go back to basics and generate a new formula set that reflects your most up-to-date info.

For precisely this reason, personalized haircare brands have taken over the beautyscape, trending in both popularity and efficacy. Prose sends you your haircare products in 10 to 15 days while Function of Beautytakes between seven and nine business days. Both services let you go back to your profile and readjust your hair quiz answers, and thus your formulation, when you want to reorder.

By the end of our respective runs with Prose, we were both, coincidentally, due for salon appointments—we each got a haircut and color, which always makes you feel fresh and silky-maned. When I returned to Prose, my feelings about the products were mostly unchanged. The mask was perfect for me, and the shampoo and conditioner were just alright, no better or worse than stuff I was picking up before. All products are free from parabens, dyes, sulfates, and other controversial or artificial ingredients. For many of us, creating a hair care routine is not a simple game. While some lucky folks might be happy with the same shampoo and conditioner they’ve been using for years, most of us struggle with finding products that make us look and feel good.

It offers five main fragrances, with adjustable fragrance strengths, or you can go fragrance-free. The scent with the best reviews is the peach-citrus blend. Ultimately, we prefer Prose because it has more to offer and the quiz is more in-depth.

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Like many, I was a blond child whose hair turned dark as they aged, and now I can’t un-see myself as a blond despite my now-naturally brownish hair. This has led to a lot of processing and experimentation—I’ve bleached, dyed, and chopped my hair so many times in the past three years that the original texture and color is something of a mystery to me. On its website, Prose states that its ingredients “come together to create the most natural formula for you, with everything you need and nothing more.” It’s an uplifting, albeit vague, promise. At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff.

Fragrances – Although fragrances aren’t inherently harmful, some people prefer to avoid them. Fragrances are a potential irritant and increase your risk of an allergic reaction. Luckily, you can select freelance free products during the questionnaire.

Prose also stands out because of their commitment to only using high-quality natural ingredients that prioritize the health of your hair and the planet. According to Prose, this reformulation process is most often conducted over email—or simply by re-taking the survey on the website. However, I found that the conditioner could now de-knot my hair without additional smoothing spray, likely due to the deep conditioning treatment I received at the salon. It goes to show no that regular shampoo and conditioner can replace essential salon maintenance of color-treated hair. The accompanying instructions told us to use the shampoo and conditioner every other day, and the mask just once a week.