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Committed to diverse students, trainees, and faculty who are committed to medicine with a focus on treating disadvantaged and underserved populations. PORTLAND, Maine — The federal government is providing Maine’s only medical school with $5 million to help it move. By moving to Portland, the university also can strengthen its partnerships with health care providers there, especially MaineHealth, parent organization central state admissions of the state’s largest hospital, 700-bed Maine Medical Center. Construction on the school’s $93 million home could begin next month, and Maine’s only medical college could make the move to Portland in 2024. My experience at MCHP is one that I owe my entire career. The different levels of experience that I received at every different clinical site was always educational and the technologists were very knowledgeable.

However, the quality of education there is great, and the future of its physicians is full of job opportunities. Today we’ll review the main features of this medical school. Plus, you’re free to explore other areas of interest during the remainder of your academic career, broadening your overall college experience. Medical schools were closed to Blacks in the South and to a lesser degree in the North. Because of the color line in medicine, the first African-American physicians received their medical degrees abroad. A few older medical schools in the East admitted some blacks; namely, Harvard, Yale, and Pennsylvania.

By 1923, there were only sixty-six.” Among the casualties was the Medical School of Maine, which closed its doors for good in July 1921. Choosing a medical school is an important decision, so use this data as one piece of your decision making process. The right medical school will prepare you to enter into a fulfilling career of medicine, so it’s important to independently research each of these universities and colleges. Students who are or will be enrolled in a qualifying Maine-based medical school program are eligible for the scholarship.

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The center belongs to the 15,000 people in the hospital’s service area, the Upper St. John Valley and neighboring communities. Southern Maine Community College is a public, 2-year institution established primarily in the city of South Portland, with a satellite campus located in Brunswick. The college offers over 40 academic programs in five different divisions of study… With a campus adjacent to Lake Auburn, Central Maine Community College is a 2-year institution serving three counties.


School administrators may contact any omissions or corrections to this listing. The Maine Medical Education Trust Scholarship Fund was established by Dr. Jo Linder to provide scholarships to medical students enrolled in MD or DO program who demonstrate financial need and have a connection to Maine. SInce the establishment of the Fund, it has grown with several generous donations made through the MMA’s Annual Fundraising Campaign and other fund-raising efforts. Applicants must be at least a 2nd year medical student in good standing. A limited number of scholarships may be granted each year.

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine is located in Biddeford, but the university wants to move the school to Portland. The university, which is the largest private school in Maine, said the move would allow it to admit more medical students and consolidate its health professions programs on one campus. Graduates of the UNE College of Osteopathic Medicine are prepared for successful health careers. UNE is one of the top ten medical schools in the U.S. for graduates being matched with their first-choice residency. UNE COM students also receive high marks on the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination, with UNE ranked in the top 10 D.O. Here, students become health care leaders as well as osteopathic doctors.