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Pool Of Sapphire Grace How To Craft & How To Use Genshin Impact

You can find several normal fish in these spots including Medaka, Aizen Medaka, and Venomspike. Fruit Paste Bait tends to attract Medaka and Aizen Medaka, while Redrot Bait works for Venomspike. Keep your eyes open if you see any fish jumping out of the water too, as that’s the mark of Ornamental Fish. The Sumeru fishing association NPC is Loumelat, who is based in the Andravi Valley region of Sumeru.

It also increases the CRIT Rate of your elemental burst by 6%. You can only get the Catch and its refinement materials by talking to an NPC called Kujirai Momiji in Inazuma. Northwest of Dragonspine Aizen Medaka, Pufferfish, Bitter Pufferfish, Akai Maou, Tea-colored Shirakodai, Dawncatcher, and Venomspine Fish. The Moonstringer is an event-exclusive Fishing Rod.This Fishing Rod is an event-exclusive item. You can only get this Fishing Rod by completing and participating in the Lunar Realm event.

Mondstadt’s final two fishing locations are towards the West of the region. The first is just North-East of Qingce Villa, West of the Oceanid Boss. The other is just skålarna South of Stone Gate and North West of the Dihua Marsh Statue of Seven. This map covers Dragonspine and the areas where Mondstadt and Liyue’s borders meet each other.

After crafting you can place it in your Serenitea Pot and approach it to get a ‘Raise Fish’ option. Once this is clicked you can choose up to five ornamental fish that you’ve caught to display in the pond. Remember to check the times each fish spawns and if you’ve cleared the spot you’ll need to come back the next day. There are only two types of Pufferfish and they are caught using Fake Fly Bait. We took at all fish types found in Teyvat and include maps and details of all fish spawning locations.

Ornamental fish are indicated by those that leap while in Fishing Points. The first one is at the Ritou port, right near the teleport point. This spot has fish I haven’t spotted in either Mondstadt nor Liyue. Note that I’ve included a screenshot for the second spot because it’s tricky. You need to specifically be on top of that cliff to fish.

Fishing is a Game System available after unlocking the Serenitea Pot and completing the quest “Exploding Population”. As the name suggests, they’re more like decorations and that they should be raised in the Pool of Sapphire Grace. As discussed previously, it is a furnishing to be used inside the Serenitea Pot. Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ ONE EsportsAvoid running or performing combat actions near the fishing area. MiHoYo has added another exciting feature in Genshin Impact — fishing. The Catch is a great free-to-play weapon for the Raiden Shogun.The Catch is a 4-star polearm that you can purchase in the Inazuma Fishing Association.

You can check out the next and current Banners, and for future events, make sure you’re the right Adventure Rank. If you’re just starting your Sumeru journey, we can help with Sumeru Reputation, Tree of Dreams, and Dendroculus locations. As always, you can visit our tier list, and learn how Pity and 50/50 works. If you want to relax, however, why not try fishing at one of the many fishing spot locations? Remember to also check back regularly for all the latest Genshin Impact codes. In order to get the fishing rod and start catching fish In Genshing Impact, you’ll have to complete a few steps.

After attaching the bait, the players will need to hold the Cast Rod button and aim the bait in the water. They can just release the Cast Rod button and try to catch all the new kinds of fish added in the game. MiHoYo has also added options like fish tension meters which should always be in a yellow Ideal tension zone to catch the fish successfully. If the players do not press the button on time, the fish will escape for sure. So keep practising fishing in Genshin Impact after the release of their 2.1 updates.

While there is no explicit rule on why a place has a fishing point in it, you can know by examining any lake, river, or the shore of the ocean. Fishing spots in Genshin Impact are where you can relax and, with a bit of patience, catch some fish. Raising Ornamental Fish in the Serenitea Pot The Serenitea Pot also has a new feature that involves the fishing system, where players can raise their favorite Ornamental Fish. After the bait has been selected, players will need to hold down the attack button to cast their line out to the fish.