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Polyjacking Foundation Solutions in Kansas City

The material and equipment is similar to what is used in spray foam insulation however the foam used for lifting concrete is a lot stronger. At Affordable Mudjacking we provide concrete raising and void filling for sunken or uneven concrete slabs. We believe in customer care delivered with integrity and skill.

When it comes to void filling and concrete lifting, you have a few options to choose from. At we offer a polyurethane concrete leveling method called polyjacking. This method is designed to fill in voids that have formed under a concrete slab and raise the slab back to its position before it started to settle. But which option is best suited to repair a sinking foundation or level a sidewalk? The professionals at have the solution for your situation.

The foam used in polyjacking does not offer quite as much tensile strength as mudjacking materials, but it is also much more lightweight. If you need concrete leveling in the Kansas City, Jefferson City or Columbia area, call the experts at Pro Foundation Technology. We are family owned and have been serving Missouri and Eastern Kansas, since 1978. We operate on a low overhead which allows us to offer competitive rates.

Don’t waste money with new concrete, when we can mudjack it and get your existing concrete back to level in hours. Josh is a husband, father, business owner, golfer, and mudjacking enthusiast. If ever there was someone who enjoyed leveling concrete, it is Josh. As a small business owner of Kansas City Mudjacking Specialists, Josh does what it takes to get the job done and make sure each mudjacking job is done well.

Your local Kansas City, KS PolyLevel® company can evaluate your damaged concrete and determine if your concrete can be fixed permanently without having to replace it. When you apple en sawgrass level your sunken, uneven concrete, you improve the curb appeal, value, and safety of your home. The professionals at Concrete Raising Systems are the best at what they do.