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Operation Java OTT Release Date and Time: When is Operation Java Movie Coming Out on Netflix?

Unni Rajan, before entering the film industry, was popular among the audience as an actor in a famous Malayalam sitcom telecasted on a popular channel. What makes the scene after which Ittyavira nonchalantly let’s Roy in on the secret impactful is the sudden jump from the pace and the mood that the movie is being told. The biggest challenge was telling the story we want so that it reaches the greatest number of people while also not compromising our beliefs in cinema.

“Although I acted in plays as a student, I never had that passion for cinema. Probably becauseachan was not at home most of the times. He was such a busy actor that we rarely got to see him. There used to be no communication from him for days on end because times were different then with no mobile phones or quick means of transport.

The satellite rights and digital rights of the film is acquired by Zee Keralam channel and ZEE5 OTT platform. This film premiered on 15 May through the Television Channel Zee Keralam and through ivoryoral Zee5 OTT platform. Binu was not keen to act inOperation Java because he had done many cop roles by then. “In fact, I was acting as a gunman in Mammootty’sOne when the role was offered.

It strays from the core narrative and becomes just an episode for feeding information. Also, even though Nizhal had a cinematic narrative, we presented it in a grounded manner. It didn’t have any gripping chases or action sequences; it was a slow-burn thriller. Now, the good news is that the movie is gearing up for an OTT release. Zee5 has bagged the rights and the film will start streaming on the platform from May 9.

When it released on OTT and had its television première, the response was overwhelming. Congratulatory messages keep coming from leading directors and actors from the industry. The digital rights of the Balu Varghese Vinayakan Shine Tom Chacko Mathew Thomas starrer Operation Java is owned by Zee5 and the movie would release digitally on Zee5 for its users .

The movie would release digitally on streaming platform after 15 May 2021. The official date of release would be updates once announced . Malayalam movieOperation Javais now streaming on OTT platform Zee5. Released on the platform on May 15,Operation Javahas been helmed by filmmaker Tharun Moorthy.

I am happy that people saw all that is there in the movie – the layers, the connections. The film worked because it communicated in terms of information as well as emotions. Owing to the second wave of COVID-19, theatres have been shut down in Kerala.

Due to this, the screening of several movies that were running successfully was canceled. From Manju Warrier’s Chathurmukham to Rajisha Vijayan’s Kho Kho, several movies’ screenings came to a halt. The investigative thriller ‘Operation Java’ was also one among them.

The film explores the darker side of information technology and its users. The film also conveys the struggles of temporary/ intern/ apprentice staff who work hard but don’t get proper recognition or financial benefits for their work. The story of the movie, “Operation Java” is based on a legitimate criminal investigation handled by the Kochi police station cyber cell. Two jobless Graduates, Vinaya Dasan and Anthony George were hired by the cyber cell on a temporary basis.

“I loved cartoons and animation films and I could draw. I accompanied a friend who wanted to learn the course and eventually ended up joining there,” he laughs. When we began writing the script of Nizhal, we knew that we had to steer clear of the typical structure of investigative thrillers. It had to travel from one character to another; in this case, it begins with John Baby, how he meets this child and then how he goes behind the intriguing stories that the boy tells him.