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Then you’ve probably got something to pitch Metro Parent. This print magazine also features a blog (updated daily!) for reported articles and tips on parenting in southeast Michigan. So if you’ve got some local tips and tricks for parenting in this part of the US, pitch them your ideas.

Must include a local focus, and require, at a minimum, three interviews with local experts and/or parents. They pay for assigned posts that offer useful travel information through the point of view of a dad. Our children MUST learn how to be resilient in order to find success and overcome the obstacles they will face as a human. If we sweep in to save our children from every bit of difficulty, we actually do them a disservice. We send the message that when life gets tough, someone will always help you out of it and that failure is a scary and negative thing. After sharing a few readers stories and guest posts however, I realized just how much we can all benefit from shared wisdom and diverse voices.


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Your child may not have the same support they usually have and this can lead to additional challenges, such as increased stress, anxiety and frustration. Be kind to yourself and take a break when you need to! See “When We Get Angry” and “Keep Calm and Manage Stress” for more advice.

By submitting the article you agree that if your article is published, I will retain the rights to republish or reuse the material in the future, of course with due credit to you. By submitting the article you agree not to resubmit the article to any other site until you hear back the publication decision from us. Articles selected for publication will be paid $75via Paypal.

Welcome to the internet parent education workshop. Lots of practical solutions for parents as well as tips for improving communication,building positive relationships and other useful parenting skills. The goal of parenting is to teach kids to develop self-discipline.