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On an onsite interview for Microsoft for user experience researcher, what questions would one need to fill?

If you’re a naturally curious person who enjoys working with a team, a career in UX research could be a good fit. UX designers are responsible for making products usable, useful, and enjoyable for users. One aspect of your role as a UX designer will be deciding which research method is appropriate for answering which questions.

I help design, facilitate, and analyze findings from weekly Quick Pulse studies. The topic of these studies vary week by week, but center around understanding the experience of Python users both in and outside of the Microsoft ecosystem. Quick Pulse rubicon scooter studies are meant to be a lightweight, iterative way to get customer feedback. Some examples of a Quick Pulse study include usability of products such as Visual Studio Code, or observing a customer workflow when attempting to accomplish a goal.

Our researchers and engineers pursue innovation in a range of scientific and technical disciplines to help solve complex challenges in diverse fields, including computing, healthcare, economics, and the environment. As part of this research we tested the affordability of the different node designs to make sure users would know where to click to collapse and expand workflow branches. I did this research using a remote unmoderated research method and was able to provide the team with detailed findings that helped design a great experience for Logic Apps Designer. Microsoft Clarity makes it simple to start new projects, mask data, and block specific IP addresses.

If you’re considering a career in UX research, these are just a few of the skills you can start focusing on now. Every few months, our research team hosts what is essentially a “Research Bootcamp” meant to introduce new employees to customer research. I am a leader in this bootcamp, and typically coach a subgroup as they apply research techniques with customers, and also present a lecture. In this bootcamp I lead the team through exercises like creating hypotheses, formulating a discussion guide, interviewing customers, making sense of data, and creating customer inspired solutions for a problem. User retention measures customers’ use of a product over a specific timeframe.

Whether you’re curious to learn more about UX research or are ready to start learning new skills, the User Experience Research and Design Specialization from the University of Michigan could be a good place to start. This series of six courses covers topics like principles of user experience, understanding user needs, usability testing, and conducting UX research at scale. During the capstone course, you can carry out a research and design project for your portfolio. Our designers are innovative, creative, and work together to improve and build some of the most popular software products in the world. Our mission is to think end-to-end about the user experience, both broadly and deeply.