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Moonstringer Location & How To Get The Fishing Rod Genshin Impact

In some, you don’t even have to wish for characters, and in others, you only… When you start to play Genshin Impact everything is joyful and amazing, but every time you level up your Adventure Range the moment of building your characters gets closer. The first time you hear about artifacts and stats you can feel overwhelmed since you don’t understand anything and if you… There’s also a fishing spot off of the edge of the three small islands east of the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain. There, you’ll find Medakas, Dawncatchers, Crystalfish, and Brown Shiradokai. Heading to the unlabelled water-filled areas in Bishui Plain west of Qingce Village and northeast of Mt. Aocang will lead you to another set of two fishing spots.

Each material costs 3 Raimei Angelfish, 10 Pufferfish, and 10 Bitter Pufferfish. To fish in Genshin Impact, stand near ripples in bodies of water and make sure not to move too much or perform any attacks or aggressive actions, or the fish will swim away. They love indie games, Bayonetta, and monstrous women and can be found covering all of the above.

Once the player finishes the Exploding Population quest, they will be able to acquire more fishing rods in Genshin Impact. Players don’t have to equip this fishing rod as they would typically do for other gadgets in the game. Instead, they should go to a fishing spot and interact with it. They can change the fishing rod and the type of bait however they’d like . If you can stay within the Ideal Tension Zone while fishing, this rod will shorten the time in which fish will struggle by a stable amount and increase your chances of success.

As the first Cryo Archer to appear in the game, Diona shines the brightest as a healer in your party. The healing ability that she possesses comes in the form of her Elemental Skill, Signature Mix, in which she throws her special drink that creates an AoE. Maybe you are a “completionist” wanting to fill up your fish archive. Maybe you want to fish materials to buy The Catch for your Raiden Shogun. Or maybe you are just a hungry Traveler who wants some Mondstadt Grilled Fish. With the tips in this article, everyone should have an easier time getting all the fish they want.

Moonstringer is a Fishing Rod material in Genshin Impact 3.3. Guide includes locations, how to get, & where to get Moonstringer. The questExploding Populationwill lead you to Nantuck on the shores of Cider Lake, who will teach you how to fish.

East of Qingce Village, you’ll find a large pool that offers Sweet-Flower Medakas, Dawncatchers, Crystalfish, Bettas, Brown Shiradokai, and Bitter Pufferfish. You’ll go past some piers and boats before you notice a Waverider point just ahead on the opposite bank. As this comes into view so does the fishing association logo.

The locations of Nantuck, Jiawei and Kujirai.On the other hand, you can also use fish to cook some recipes. In order to do that, first, you need to process the fish you caught into the fish meat in any Cooking location. Doing so will take some minutes and depending on the type of fish used the quantity of fish meat produced is affected. There are a total of four types of baits and all of them can be crafted.

Your first spot is west of the Teleport Waypoint in this area, and it’ll have Medakas, Bettas, and Brown Shiradokai. Northwest of Starglow Cavern lies Dragonspine’s only fishing spot (chilly!), where you’ll find Medakas, Venomspine Fish, Snowstriders, and Tea-Colored Shiradokai. This is the only place in Teyvat to catch Snowstriders, so if you’re trying to save up these sneaky guys, you’ll have to head to Dragonspine a lot. The first is Wishmaker, a fishing rod that will shorten catch time in Liyue and make fishing easier. This is a blueprint that enables you to craft an ornamental pond for your Serenitea Pot. Finally, you can also pick up a fishing line stabilizer.

You can use the rods to hook fish, some items, even other players and drag them towards you and still deal no damage. Every fishing rod is located at different places socialboosterhub and there are separate methods to unlock each one of them. That’s everything you need to know about how to get a rod, bait, and where to fish in Genshin Impact.

Even though you earn some after unlocking the fishing system, you can’t automatically craft them. Their blueprints are sold by the Fishing Association NPC. An element that can make all the difference when trying to catch a fish is the type of rod you use. There are a few and each has a specific effect that works only in certain regions, so having all of them increases the chances of getting a fish you may be in need of.