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Overall, though, this is a great place to see a movie. Itll be on my short list of theatres to visit in the area. Im very disappointed with Southgate MJR due to a situation that happened earlier tonight. The staff needs to be completely honest with their customers sat the desk when you get your tickets. I bought tickets for my daughters to see the Rated R movie, the Gallows.

“It’s an overall strategy to continue to offer new experiences and keep innovating the theater experience,” MJR Market Director Anthony Taylor said. “It’s trying to continue to engage the moviegoers to give them some reason to come out instead of staying home and streaming things.” MJR Digital Cinemas, a subsidiary of the Belgium-based Kinepolis Group, plans to reinvest about $4.5 million this year in select Michigan theaters.

Like any theater there are about a million ads before the show actually starts, so if you are going to a movie that won’t be that busy you can show up minutes after start time and still catch the whole movie. Bloomfield Hills-based MJR Digital Cinemas, founded in 1980, plans to add its “Epic Experience” large-screen format to the company’s Brighton, Sterling Heights, and Waterford locations by mid-2015. Taylor said while the pandemic disrupted the movie theater industry, attendance has been coming back. Lastly, it is somewhat of a tradition for many movie-goers at MJR to “clap” along to their theme song.

Reuters reported MJR’s value, including its debt and equity, is about $152.2 million. Please keep in mind that you must have the rights to any photos that you wish to submit to us. Please don’t submit photos from the theater’s shixi network technology co. ltd tracking web site, Facebook page, or other web sites, as we need to know where the photos came from in case there is any question in the future. I follow the instructions to use my email address and last name with a capital letter.

Their concessions are also reasonably priced depending on what you get…and they also offer free refills as well! Moreover, the “Epic Experience Theater” is slightly more expensive, but worth it if you are yearning for a more quality driven movie going experience. A very nice entertainment/movie center for the whole family.