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Meraki solar reviews, complaints, address & solar panels cost

I was impressed with the representative Ana Reyna as she definitely had the experience and knowledge to help me. I would recommend this company as opposed to others for the knowledge and professionalism of the representative. Weve been installed for a few months now and have seen a HUGE difference! Very pleased with Fernando Gallardos service, he was very responsive and professional.

Rather than involve multiple moving pieces, Meraki Solar will assist clients throughout the entire solar process. The average cost of a solar energy system is around $16,000. Partial systems can cost as little as $3,500, while full, off-grid systems can run up to and over $35,000. The efficiency rating is calculated by comparing an individual solar panel’s power output against a theoretically perfect efficiency rate of 1kW of energy per 1kW of sunshine over one square meter.

SunPower sets out to save you time, money and energy, all while also saving the Earth, and it does so with its simple-to-use SunPower design studio, its online estimates and its virtual consultations. Statewide the number is less than 1%, and in Northwest Florida, it’s about 1.2%. Meraki Solar makes its sales pitch as “zero down solar,” meaning customers don’t have to pay upfront gerrysmusicshop as they finance the cost of the panels with the money they save on power bills. Get a quote for that as well as a solar system and see if you can get a deal, but please note that it is very rare for our installers to walk away from a job because the roof needs restoring. If you have a salesman saying he can’t install a solar system for whatever reason, get a second opinion.

They mislead people when they sell the product because some people don’t qualify for the rebate. It worked great and never had any power outages the whole time that I was using it other than a couple flickers when power went out in the area. They were quick to get it done and kept me updated the whole time.

Blue Raven estimates you’ll be able to pay off more than 33% of the overall solar system cost by the end of those 18 months. Unlike other solar panel installers, Blue Raven’s customers also purchase solar panels instead of leasing them, so after payments are complete, the solar panels do actually belong to you. Most clients cannot pay for a solar system upfront and outright as the national average cost to have a solar system installed on a residential property ranges from $15,000 to $25,000. To combat this expense, many solar companies will offer some type of financing. Most commonly, solar installation companies will partner with a local credit union or bank to offer solar loans to clients. Another great reason to consider hiring a solar panel installation company is if it offers free consultations and estimates.

I give them 4 stars because I should not have to ask for the lowest price. So, I still dont even know if I got the best price. My husband and I are highly satisfied with our decision on going solar!