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MD Sports Air Hockey Table is Back at Costco!

Anyone have feedback on the current in store air hockey table. My local store is out of stock otherwise I would test drive it. The 100-volt fan motor and abacus scoring are easy to use and solid.

An air hockey table constructed from high-quality materials will provide you with years of game play. Here are a few things to pay attention to when shopping for a new air hockey table. Air hockey tables are available in a range of sizes, from tabletop versions to large models spanning up to 90 inches in length. Regulation-sized tables are typically 84 inches long and about 48 inches wide. Here are some of the best air hockey tables you can get online right now. Air hockey is one of the few pastimes that’s equally fun for most everyone from age five to 95.

Some did note, however, that the table can be a bit loud when in use, so be sure to keep this in a game room or updated basement where the sound won’t be an issue. It’s more for kids because the size of the goal is a bit small, playing 2v2 with 4 adults, the score will stay very low, it’s easy to protect your net. Reviewers say it’s big enough “for adults to play comfortably” and “pretty sturdy,” though some complain about the “under-powered” fan. Its made of a wood table with a blower mounted to the bottom and held up by 4 steel legs with adjustable pads.

When browsing air hockey tables, you’ll notice how widely varied they all are in appearance. Some feature bright colors and flashy designs, making them seem like the perfect fit for an arcade. Others are made from sleek, polished wood and would look smallest baitcaster reel right at home in a sophisticated game room. With such a wide range of styles, it’s easy to find a game table that will blend well with the existing décor of your home or game room. Another important component of an air hockey table is the airflow.

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