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As with any mine, the pressure mine is susceptible to minehunting. Air bubbles can be employed to mask potential targets or to provide alternate targets. The large difference in characteristic impedance between the air bubbles and the surrounding water make them very efficient as reflectors of acoustic energy.

Submarines employ small torpedo-like mobile decoys that are equipped with transponders capable of returning a realistic signal to active sonars. With noisemaking capability they can simulate submarine passive signatures to some degree. This same technology has been used to provide small expendable training targets (figure 11-10) for ASW forces at much less cost than that for a real submarine providing target services. Though small , the transponders in these targets make them look as large to the detecting sonar as a real submarine. Initial attempts at producing underwater intercept receivers were less than satisfactory because the equipments had a high false-alarm rate due to ambient noise. Also, separate receivers were required for initial intercept and for determination of the azimuth of the noise source.

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Figure 10 shows the range bin analysis results of the false targets NFT1 and NFT2 and the suppression jamming under range-angle two-dimensional MVDR adaptive beamforming. The existing false target jamming methods cannot produce an effective jamming effect on FDA-MIMO radar. Therefore, this paper studies a suppression and range deceptive compound jamming method against FDA-MIMO. Firstly, the range dimension beamforming gain is analyzed in the spatial domain, and then an effective compound jamming effect is formed at the range bin estimation level for FDA-MIMO.

4 shows a structural-functional diagram of a reconnaissance station. Line-of-site communications (i.e. VHF, UHF) are far less prone to intercept then HF communications which follow the earth’s curvature. If directional communication capability is available it may be used to further increase intercept resistance.

An increase in pulse length will increase average power and thus increase detection probability. The trade-off is increased minimum range and degradation of the radar’s range resolution capability. This problem can be compensated for by including a pulse compression capability; however, due to receiver blanking during the transmit cycle, the minimum range will stay relatively long.

On the other hand, a human being has the ability to adapt to new and varied situations and is more likely to be able to cope with, and properly interpret, a strange new form of interference than can a machine. Therefore, a skilled operator is the most important counter-countermeasure for maintaining radar operation in the presence of deliberate and clever countermeasures. Figure 5 is the FDA-MIMO non-adaptive beam antenna pattern.

There were cases of mines detonating ahead and to the side of ships too far away for the ship’s magnetic influence field to have caused the activation. Work started immediately once these phenomena were noticed and the mechanism identified, to provide a noisemaker that would project noise far enough ahead of the ship to detonate the mine before the ship was close enough to be damaged by the explosion. The most common way to introduce unpredictability into radar design is through frequency diversity.

Thus, jamming has the bad effect that it can highlight the target’s presence and direction and serve to identify it as hostile, but it has the good effect of denying the radar operator the range of the target if sufficient power is used. The left nergalsnest strobe shows the consequence of insufficient jamming power. Depends, among other things, upon the power output of the transmitter, losses in the transmission line, antenna gain in the direction of the victim receiver, and transmitter bandwidth.

Another form of jamming occurs when an echolocating animal produces many sounds in succession and assigns an echo to the wrong emission. To avoid this type of jamming, bats typically wait enough time for echoes to return from all possible targets before making the next sound. The bat produces sounds with progressively shorter time intervals, but always allowing enough time for sounds to travel to the target and back. Another way bats overcome this problem is by producing successive sounds with unique time-frequency structures.