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Malbon Golf teams up with footwear company Lusso Cloud to release an ultra-cushioned slide Golf Equipment: Clubs, Balls, Bags

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When converting to women’s sizes from men’s, go up 2 sizes. The Pelli pairs Lusso Cloud’s iconic shoe with our signature faux fur in order to create an unforgettable slipper that is perfect indoors or on-the-go. Lusso Cloud claims to deliver its products to its clients both domestically and internationally. They also claim to accept returns of their products from their clients, as long as there is no breach in the return policy. Apps Customer Reviews & Buyer Experience Are you one to use apps for everything? Do you need constant guidance when considering particular apps to download?

Unhide’s fan-favorite Marshmallow Blanket ($199) now comes in a cuddly shoe form that we’re swooning over. The new Lusso Cloud x Unhide Pelli mules ($150) allow you to wear the warmth of the iconic blanket on your feet, giving you unmatched comfort with every step. View 4 reviews Are you looking for beautiful fabrics.

Never miss the latest fashion industry news. Sign up for the Fashionista daily newsletter. “Not everyone can pay $400 for a handmade-in-Italy slipper,” Buscemi tells me. “So I said, let’s do something more democratic — same quality and same thought process, but at a different price point.”

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Specialising in exceedingly snug and pleasant footwear, the brand engineers the softest and technically adept foot supporting silhouettes. Pioneering in its “Triple Stack Technology”, which consists of three bliss inducing layers of comfort – the first being the soft and supple EVA footbed that supports your foot. The second being the ridiculously soft memory foam. The third and final layer is a plush and soft top sheet made from natural latex. An added bonus is the upper construction, which is made to be as soft as the insole, embracing your foot with 360 degree softness as the brand claimed. With luxury evolving to include more elements of comfort, it may be time to really double down and commit to the dream lifestyle of wearing slippers outside.

As such, the company uses Triple Stack Technology for its production. This means their footwear consists of three layers of comfort. The first layer is a supple EVA footbed which cradles your foot. The second layer is a lusciously soft memory foam while the third layer is a plush and silky soft top sheet made from natural latex. Combining all the elements, the production makes you feel like you are walking on air while putting Lusso Cloud footwear. According to Lusso Cloud, that is their standard.

The shoes themselves are made from partially recycled bamboo and a soft layer of memory foam in the lining, maintaining their hotel-esque style with waffle knit uppers. The bottom of the shoes a made from a combination of latex and a partially-recycled alyssa mckay onlyfabs IPEVA outsole that, unlike Bieber’s slippers, are intended to withstand the outside of a hotel room. Lusso Cloud only mission is to make you feel outstandingly comfortable giving you an experience that was difficult to get anywhere else.