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Lost Items Fire Emblem Three Houses

Also, in the case of students and soldiers that you have recruited, they will offer you better aid in battles if you return their items. These items are usually hidden in plain sight or are tucked in random spots. However, we have a general idea of some of the Lost Items’ locations. As you grow closer to your students, they’ll perform better in battle, and be more motivated to train and study. Outside those rude comments, there isn’t a downside to trying to return an item to someone besides the rightful owner.

One of the easiest ways to find the correct owner of a Lost Item is to check its description for clues. These provide useful insight on who probably misplaced the item now in your possession. Giving characters the correct Lost Items will provide an increase in their Support Level Points towards you. If you’d rather focus on which character you’ll be giving Lost Items to, we’ve organized the list below so that you can see exactly what each person is missing. Be sure to also check out our Gifts Guide for the best gift items to give to each character.

It’s easy enough to take a gander at the description of a lost item before figuring out who it belongs to. After all, which broody man could this ominously scented handkerchief belong to? Luckily enough for you, we’ve compiled a lost item list showing you which characters ethan hedgehog correspond to which forgotten items. Fire Emblem Three Houses features a pretty massive roster of characters that you can recruit and bond with. By returning their missing items to the right person, you can increase your support rank with them as well.

Sometimes you won’t have an opportunity to return an item because its owner is out of the monastery for a month. Other times, restrictions around houses will mean you won’t be able to return something to somebody unless you either wait or recruit that character to your house. In addition to this, it’ll also boost the motivation level of the character that you deliver the lost item to. This is especially rewarding if they’re in your house, as you can use this motivation to better teach them during your next lecture period. Whenever you grab one of the items and look at its description, each lost item will give you a clue to its owner. The clues make use of knowledge that is either on each character’s description in your menu or based on what you might learn from talking to them.

In practice, going down a list of dozens of items with each and every student—some of whom respond rudely to your generous inquiries—is tedium incarnate. I was brought onto this staff to teach and fight and maybe, like, do holy stuff. This is actually part of a quest in the game’s early chapters, where Jeralt asks you to find his flask for him.