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He also dates Sundari who was pretending to be his love interest Gofley. He was also one of the masterminds behind this robbery. You’ll lose your subscription if we don’t have a working payment method for your account, so please check your payment details. Brooklyn born & raised, Atlanta based rapper Lorde Looted bringing the game diversity. Having started rapping at the age of 12, the 10,000 hour mark is approaching sooner than ever. Emerging into the scene with full passion, Into the mind of Lorde Looted reveals the depth in which analysis takes place.

The video of a Pakistani girl, Ayesha has set the internet on fire. It shows her dancing to a remixed version of Lata how to claim facebook business page Mangeshkar’s ‘Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja’ song. Ayesha is flanked by several other women enjoying the performance.

Wynk Music brings to you Looted MP3 song from the movie/album Angry Cyclist. Along with it if you are looking for a podcast online to keep you motivated throughout the week, then check out the latest podcast of Podcast. The love and respect for the legendary Lata Mangeshkar, who began her career even before partition, transcends borders. A recent video that has gone viral shows that her songs are still played at weddings in Pakistan. A gangster who operates a black market for Petroleum oil when Nepal had a Petroleum oil shortage after a shocking earthquake that occurred in 2015.

We do not want to file any complaint, because we have to go to the same place again and we don’t have time or finances,” the director added. He has appealed to the media and the government of Meghalaya for help and also to ensure such incidents do not happen again. “Because there was no phone network, we couldn’t contact anyone. They demanded money from us, so we gave them around Rs 6000,” said Manoj Das, the director of the video.

A friend of Gofley and Pandey who works at People’s Bank and currently joined Haku Kale’s team. And betrayed Gofley, Nare, Pandey, and Khatri by giving them a fake loot plan and keeping the main silent loot plan with themselves. She is the love interest of Pandey who got betrayed by Haku Kale and got into jail for 3 years. She also loved him blindly but later knew he was going to rob a bank so she moved ahead without Pandey and married another guy. A gangster who works for Haku Kale and Maney also his nephew.

“Three young boys came in a red car and stopped us when we were leaving the shooting spot. We were nine people, including the actor, actress, director, producer, and make-up artists. They threatened us and snatched our car keys, asking for vehicle documents,” said Ram Kishan Das, an artist of the team. Gaana is the one-stop solution for all your music needs.