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304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Local Roots Cannabis Crafted Products for Massachusetts

The business is listed under cannabis store category. It has received 354 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars. Their services include Curbside pickup, In-store pickup, In-store shopping, Delivery .

Every business day, WBJ Daily Report will be delivered to your inbox by noon. It provides a daily update of the area’s most important business news. I’d tell everyone that this place is awesome, great service and products.

Always check with the dispensaries to confirm validity. They reserve the right to change/remove any offers. Offers may have other stipulations and limitations. Dispensaries and CalmEffect are not responsible for any typos or mistakes. Specials typically cannot be combined with other offers or points unless stated. Product availability can differ by location.

Fertile soil is all you need to nourish the plants. Framingham cultivation team 💚 these lovely amazing humans get 💩 done. We’re the three best friends that anyone could have.

Check with the dispensary for more details. City councilors have said the traffic light will ease any potential congestion in the area. City rms timber councilors on Monday approved Local Roots New England Inc.’s special permit request to open an adult-use marijuana dispensary on Rte.

Local Roots’ neighbors at the new dispensary are mostly commercial, so there will be minimal effect on residents. The facility has 32 dedicated parking spaces for Local Roots, four more than required. However, once nearby commercial businesses close in the afternoon, there will be 95 parking spaces available. A significant portion of the company’s expected business will occur in the evenings and on weekends when the commercial businesses are closed. Ever wonder how Local Roots stores stay so inviting? From security to budtender to now, Floor Supervisor at our Sturbridge store, Savannah helps ensure our space is always welcoming.

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Please check with the dispensary for the specific details. There may be limitations and exceptions to discounts, coupons and promos. Promotions may be for a limited time and dispensaries may have limited supply. Discounts may be for medical patients only in adult use/recreational states.

When she’s not helping customers, Savannah is likely outside gardening, hanging with friends and family, or taking care of her three sugar gliders! Stop by Sturbridge and let Savannah help you to leave happy. Ever wonder how we deliver the purest, cleanest flower from our roots to the roll? It’s with the help of people like Heather. As our Barre Cultivation Manager, she helps raise healthy plants that stay healthy so you can have the best of our organic supply.