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Leno laments todays late-night shows: Everyone has to know your politics

“That would have to be the PR people,” he says with a laugh. Still, Leno can’t help but marvel at recent developments like the 10-day-stint of Anthony Scaramucci. “I do about 210 shows a year,” Leno says. “I like being a comic. Actually, the only ones who kind of get this are the country western guys, like Willie Nelson. You’re on the road — that’s what you do. It’s actually fun.” ‘Well, you and your Republican friends’ or ‘Well, Mr. Leno, you and your Democratic buddies.’ And I would get hate mail from both sides equally,” Leno said, referring to his predecessor at “The Tonight Show,” Johnny Carson.

His garage, where he keeps his collection of hundreds of rare and classic vehicles. You know, everything now is, if people don’t like your politics, they — everyone has to know your politics,” Leno replied. Stay informed of daily news & events in your community for as little as $3.25 a week. He had quite the drama between him and letterman in the 90’s and then him and Conan.

I hope people call you “idiotic” and “amateurish” at your job. We saw Jay Leno a couple of years ago at Charlestown. I love Jay but was disappointed in his show, had a lot of stale jokes that he had done on TV. Tickets were quite expensive, I expected better from him. So, I went over and I looked at it and it looked like a brand-new ’66 Lincoln.

I ended “The Tonight Show” on a Thursday when I finally left, and that Friday, I was on the road again. Late night has changed since Jay Leno left the air in 2014. It’s not enough for hosts to smile and wave anymore. Now, everyone is expected to pick a side. NBC Sports chairman and former Saturday Night Live producer Dick Ebersol spoke out against all who had criticized Leno, calling them “chicken-hearted and gutless”. He left The Tonight Show on Friday, May 29, 2009, and Conan O’Brien took over on June 1, 2009.

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“You know, he’s a good driver,” Leno said. “He still has a Corvette; he can drive a stick. I mean, most presidents are not car guys.” “I’ve always defended @jayleno but he never defends me. He’s not a loyal person & I now understand why everybody dumped him. Jay deathloop imdb sucks!” Trump said in one tweet. It took Mavis a while to adjust to Jay being so busy, but in the end, it made their relationship stronger. “However steadfast your feelings for each other, your life circumstances are going to go all over the place,” she said.