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Later Life Letters

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It is important to include as much information possible about the mother’s pregnancy and the child’s birth. Before going any further, I need to let you know that you might find some parts of this letter difficult or upsetting. You might want to ask someone to be with you or read it with you and remember you don’t have to read this all in one go. You might want to stop and have a break or save some for another day and that is fine. I first met you when you were just 1 year old and you were living with your foster carers John and Jane.

Be careful to give only first names for all birth relatives and do not use addresses or other identifying information. Be mindful about the amount of information you include, it should be long enough for the child to know what happened to their siblings, but remember that the child is the focus of the letter. I am writing this letter to you so that you can understand a bit about your past, the reasons why you were adopted and how you came to live with your mother and father and became Abbie Wood. I wrote this letter when you were little and I have tried to think of the questions that you may have when you are older and I hope I haven’t left anything out. Acknowledge that it might be difficult for the your person to read the letter and that they can ask of help from their adoptive parents while reading it.

You were born in Wakefield on Tuesday, 11 May 2001 at approximately 8.00 am. When I visited the hospital later that same morning I saw you beside your birth mother’s bed in your own cot. You were a very alert baby already aware of what was going on around you, and with a plentiful head of mid-brown hair.

Your birth mother, Mary, told me that your birth had been a straightforward delivery without any complications. She also told me that your birth father, John, had been with her in the delivery room when you were born. My name is Lucy you can find a photo of me in your life story book, and I was your social worker were you were little. A social worker is someone who helps parents to look after their children and if they cannot do that, find new parents for those children.

Our expectation would be that the child sees the letter around the ages of years, but the final decision on timing is at the discretion of the adoptive parents. In very difficult situations (e.g. incest, mental health problems, abuse) it may be better to write 2 letters. The second one for when the child is in mid-teens, and better able to understand about their history.The letter is in addition to the child’s Life Story Book and should never be a substitute for the book – see Life Story Books Guidance. The main difference between the Later Life Letter and the Life Story Book lies in the depth of the detail being shared with the child.

The letter should include, whenever possible, the views of the people involved in the process, including the birth family. Sometimes a book goes temporarily out of print – and sometimes no audio version has ever been recorded. Audible wants to give you the most complete selection we can and we’ll keep adding series and filling in gaps as quickly as possible. New translations from Ghalib’s Urdu and Persian ghazals form a significant part of the volume and are being published for the first time. A note on translating Ghalib, a survey of his Urdu and Persian poetry, and a detailed explanatory index provided to guide readers complete the volume.