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The Las Vegas desert experiences extreme heat during the summer months and cold temperatures during the winter. The 100 percent wool trousers are breathable and help absorb moisture during the summer and provide warmth during the winter. The summer tan shirts are offered in both short sleeve and long sleeve to keep officers cool and protected from the sun when necessary. One of the most important functions of their uniforms is being able to identify that person wearing it as a police officer. With all the possible liability issues involved today, someone who approaches a police officer wants to know that they are engaging a city government employee, one that is a law enforcement officer, according to Oteri. Although shirt and trouser fabrics have evolved over the past 40 years as the department has slightly moved to use manmade fabrics, trousers including traffic officer breeches remain 100 percent wool.

Luckily, he was good undercover and under pressure, so he lived to tell those stories of Las Vegas crime lore. He’s collected many clues about the valley’s criminal history in his decades on the force. LAS VEGAS — Keeping the community safe means keeping pace with growth, while more people mean more criminals and evolving dangers that challenge police on a daily basis. But police said the suspect, Tyson Hampton, 24, also wounded his mother-in-law in the leg. Gillihan, 32, a police officer since 2017, is on paid leave following the shooting. Officers are supported by a full uniform shop with professional sewing workers and tailors assigned to custom fit uniforms and two supply technicians on hand to manage the entire warehouse of department uniforms.

Officers are also allowed to customize their sidearms with such as slide serrations, compensators, flared mag wells, etc. Officers can also install Red Dot Sights on their service pistols but only after they completed their FTEP Phase. As of 2016, new academy recruits must qualify with an approved 9mm pistol. Bolden —serves the west central portion of the city, including the old westside, an area bordered by I-15, US 95, Jones and Lake Mead Boulevards.

Add all the visitors, and “…we’re really only at about 1.5 officers per thousand,” McMahill said. “What we found in our research is most jurisdictions that serve 250,000 people or more, they’re actually at about 2.2 officers per 1,000. And I do think that’s optimal,” McMahill said. “Both city and county saw an increase in the visibility of officers that were not there before the merger because we had more officers to cover the same amount of area,” he said.

There have been several instances of pre-trial detention lasting for years at a time. LVMPD operated on a digital radio system , which was turned on in 2011. As of February 2018, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department encrypted their radio frequencies; blocking the public from using police scanners. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department stated that the decision to encrypt their radio channels was made back in 2015 due to officer safety concerns.

This form of leadership in our agencies is a great way to lead by example. Complaints about the former elected county official started while he was a UNLV student. His toxic behavior never stopped – until investigative reporter Jeff German was found murdered. Metro’s fiscal affairs committee approved a $4.27 million budget for uniforms and clothing allowance this fiscal year, which ends June 30. Incoming Sheriff Kevin McMahill is planning on taking action but noted he could not make any changes until he takes office in January. Enterprise —this area serves mostly the southwest valley west of I-15 and south of Flamingo Road.

This is very useful when patrolling densely populated areas such as the Strip and mazelike downtown sections of Las Vegas. The Metro Police of Las Vegas has a bicycle patrol because an officer on a bicycle every shot you don’t take quote is much more approachable than an officer in a car by nature. Officers in traditional patrol vehicles are subjected to biases and stereotypes that limit their ability to interact with the general public.

“We may be most visible in downtown Las Vegas or on the Las Vegas Strip but you will find Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers in the mountains, high deserts, at the lakes and in small towns throughout Nevada. Our officers are provided custom-made uniforms that have been thoroughly field tested and designed for the various jobs they face now and in the future,” Roybal says. “The other method is for the department to issue the uniform directly to the officers. In that case it’s usually a better-looking uniform because they are telling you what to get and then issuing you replacement items when your clothes start to become worn or look bad. If the agency is big enough, we make the uniform to be exactly what they want, according to their specifications,” Helmer says.