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Kids Softball Catcher Positioning: Giving Targets & Signals

First and foremost what standard does your league use? You should check with your coach or league to make sure what bat certifications are required to avoid purchasing a bat you cannot use. One-piece bats are one complete piece of composite or alloy and are often used by power hitters, since they provide less flex on contact. Composite bats are made with a layered material that is easy to distribute, giving us the ability to make bats with a variety of swing weights, from balanced to end-loaded. Any rescheduled games due to weather for regular season games will be played over from the beginning.

In this situation, the batter is out and the ball remains live just as it would when any other fielder catches a foul fly ball. A batted ball that goes straight back to the catcher’s hands and is caught is simply a strike. It is NOT “the same as any other fielder catching a foul ball”. Okay, now that we’ve established the launch angle methodology, let’s go ahead and get into the step by step approach to hitting a home run in slow pitch softball.

Now, it’s not just about where you strike the ball, but it’s also about what your bat is doing as it comes through the zone. During this blog post, I’m going to discuss some basics when it comes to being a kids softball catcher. If it goes to the chest protector first, did it go directly to the hand or glove? Every element of a softball glove serves a purpose. Understanding glove anatomy can help you meet your needs on the field.

Slow pitch players, especially catchers and pitchers, may prefer a larger glove to accommodate the size of the ball. Fast pitch softball started to lose popularity in the mid-50s for a variety of reasons. More and more families were getting batting cages atlanta television in their homes and so games drew smaller crowds. More teams were starting to play “slow pitch” with its greater emphasis on fielding. Although men’s fast pitch softball is still played, the game is now mostly played by women.

In men’s matches highest recorded speed is 140 kmph. In American Softball Association, the size of the gloves cannot exceed 36 centimetres. In softball matches, all defensive players wear fielding gloves. But there are normally different size of gloves available for players at different positions on the field.