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There’s never a day when we wake up and say, “You know what would be fun? Let’s go get a check-up!” Never. But, sometimes it’s just plain necessary, no matter how home remedies for dog mouth ulcers much we may dread it. When we’re sick, when we’re hurt, we have to just suck it up and go. ‘My fiance’s mom uses socks soaked in vinegar to get rid of a fever.

Once they have softened, remove them from the water and allow them to cool. Once they are cool enough to handle, apply them to the chest and back. You can also drink the water that the potato peels were boiled in, as it will also contain some of the nutrients. If you are looking for a natural way to help relieve the symptoms of a cold, then potato peels may be worth a try. Before scientists identified germs as being responsible for illness, people believed that raw onions could purify the air in the room.

Many people claim that the onion in sock remedy is an effective treatment for a cold or the flu. Despite these claims, there is no scientific evidence to support this. There are no proven health benefits to this remedy, but it is not known to be harmful. Here we explore the origins of the onion sock home remedy and whether there is any evidence to support its effectiveness.

A few years ago, San Diego mom Debbie Vigan posted her unusual cold cure on Facebook, namely, putting sliced potatoes in her son’s socks as he slept. After a night sleeping with potato socks, her son had stopped coughing and his runny nose dried up. While Vigan mentioned she “saw an article” touting the cough and cold home remedy, she didn’t include her source—but the idea isn’t entirely out of left field.

It helps to open up all their little airways and loosen mucus. This is one of the simple natural remedies for chest colds and fevers that doesn’t cost a thing. My 17 month old daughter had a fever of 104F and the egg whites didn’t reduce her fever so I tried the potato. I put slices of potato in her socks, and left them there.

The reference guide I use, Gentle Babies, says it is safe so I have used it on my children. I dilute it with coconut oil and rub around the navel. Again, I urge you to do your own research when it comes to what essential oils are safe and how to use them.