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At some point, most children dream about becoming famous, professional athletes. Nudge their dreams towards reality by giving them the equipment that will help them develop skills that will be noticed by scouts for professional baseball teams. When pitching machines for baseball and softball hit the market, people were crazy about them. All the schools, colleges and even the MLB teams were buying them for practice. Rawlings-Spinball Sports makes some of the most high-tech pitching machines in the game. Made in the USA, their two wheel and three wheel pitching machines are the easiest machines on the market to change pitch location.

If you are having trouble deciding what is the right pitching machine for your family, definitely check out our article on how to select the best pitching machine. It covers many factors that people forget to consider when they are deciding which pitching machine to buy. Throws baseballs, JUGS Sting-Free baseballs—dimpled and seam, JUGS Lite-Flite and SOFTIE baseballs, the JUGS Pearl and JUGS BULLDOG™ baseballs. The BP1 Baseball Only Pitching Machine allows young ball players to hone their swings because pitches arrive in virtually the same location each time.

Provides a whole range of movement to adjust for all types of pitches—including fastballs, curves and sliders. Pitching Machines are used in Pitching Machine Leagues and are very easy to use for practice. They are easy to use and great for youngster who start with the game to get used to the game. This machine is an easy way to teach the young players the basic swing mechanics. The old Cricket Bowling Machine with the two speed dials has a top speed of 167kph.

Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. In training camp, pass catchers catch plenty of passes from quarterbacks. We are happy to inform you about a price change of this product respectively when it hits the price you want to purchase.

Pitch for pitch, dollar for dollar, the JUGS Lite-Flite Machine will prove to be the best purchase you’ll make this season. Randy Moss demonstrates how he used the Jugs machine throughout his career to work on his game, then gets challenged by Charles Woodson and Adam Schefter in a catching competition. The BP2 Cricket Bowling Machine has a top speed of 150kph on the “Fast Medium Pace” setting. The JUGS Balls are uniform in hardness guaranteeing consistency of delivery and because of the dimples will react through the air like a seam ball. Uses 5-inch, 5-ounce polyurethane foam ball that’s half the size of normal baseball. The JUGS Battery Pack is the perfect alternative to a generator.

Inventor of the first durable baseball pitching machine that could throw anything a major league pitcher could throw, JUGS machines are now used in many other sports. JUGS Sports offers machines for softball, soccer, lacrosse, football, filed hockey and cricket teams, as well as baseball pitching machines. They also offer the best stick softball nets and batting cages in the game as well as a variety of other top quality practice gear including radar guns, portable generators and training aids. For over 4 decades, Jugs pitching machines have remained the leading producer of baseball and softball pitching machines worldwide and are known for making high quality goods.