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As a youth, Coach Nick frequently suffered from bullying first-hand. His grandmother wanted to enroll him in martial arts but couldn’t afford the tuition at the time. The head instructor of a local BJJ gym learned of Nick’s situation and gave him a scholarship, allowing him to train for free. One of the mottos at Renzo Gracie Los Angeles is that its not a gym, it’s a family. My son is on Autism Spectum and that can be a challenge for not just him but also instructors.

Only in the sixth round Renzo managed to lock a guillotine choke and submit Kikuta. In 2014, Gracie claimed to have been drugged by PRIDE promoters before the fight to explain his performance. I highly recommend this gym to everyone and anyone. I have been training Muay Thai here for the past 7 months and it been nothing but positive.

Coach Nick is the founder of Guardian Project Los Angeles and Omni Jiu-Jitsu Academy. He received his black belt from Professor Shawn Williams and was an adult and youth instructor at Renzo Gracie Los Angeles, prior to opening Omni Jiu-Jitsu Academy in August 2021. Supplement your striking with some ground work, add a little mobility to your grappling repertoire or simply stay on target. The Fundamentals can work for those with busy schedules but still want to get in some great training. Some of the best coaches I have ever worked with. All monthly dues include Unlimited classes, and we encourage you to come in and train as often as you’d like.

In June 2022, Coach Nick established Guardian Los Angeles in order to help similarly disadvantaged youth find support through Jiu-Jitsu, just like he did. Schedule an appointment, call or visit the academy to find out more. RECOVER PASSWORD Write the username you registered with and we will send you shortly a new password to access to your fighter profile.

Come try a Free Introductory Classat any of our three JERSEY CITY locations and learn of the many benefits Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has to offer. Our one-time enrollment fee is designed to provide the basics of everything a student needs to attend class (all at a ~35% discount). On developing our students and athletes into competent, skillful jiu-jitsu practitioners, and we believe belts are earned with sweat and skill alone. Sign up to receive updates about Master Renzo, RGA, and get martial arts-related tips and tricks from the masters.

Following a long line of technical instruction and inclusive environment, our classes are perfect for all interest levels in the martial arts. We pride ourselves in having classes filled with people of all ages and walks of life and channeling their personal, fitness, and athletic goals into realities. In October 1995, Gracie was called to fight in World Combat Championships, a no holds barred event created by Jon Peters’s son Christopher.

Gracie returned to Pride to fight Kazushi Sakuraba, who had been nicknamed “The Gracie Hunter” for his victories against Renzo’s relatives Royler and Royce. During the first round, they fought evenly, mainly exchanging strikes and takedown attempts. At the second, the Japanese wrestler took Gracie down, but he was unable to pass his guard despite his many techniques and tricks. The match finally came to its peak when Renzo executed a De la Riva reversal and captured Sakuraba’s back against the corner. At that moment, the Japanese got hold of Gracie’s arm and spun around with a Kimura lock, dislocating his arm before hitting the mat and prompting the referee to stop the fight. Uncharacteristically for the Gracie side during their rivalry with Sakuraba, Renzo took the mic after the match and declared Sakuraba was the better man.

Steve Calderon was fully invested in making sure that my son could succeed at Renzo Gracie. He went out of his way to make not just my son but my family feel welcomed and comfortable renzo gracie los angeles at the gym. You don’t always get that kind of support with a child on the spectrum and it was so wonderful to watch his team put in the efforts to help him succeed.