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With the support of PRANA-Stiftung further scholarships can be awarded. Millions of children worldwide have no access to education because of hunger and poverty. Many children interrupt their education because they have to work at home, in fields and businesses or even have no choice but to search and beg for food. And, for those who are lucky enough to go to school, the unfortunate reality is that they are constantly fighting fatigue and hunger with all their effects, at the expense of concentration and learning. Mary’s Meals’ programmes provide more than 1.1 million of the world’s poorest children with a daily meal at school to encourage children to visit school every day as well as parents to send their children to school.

Teachers learn how they can playfully teach children how to protect themselves against diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria and COVID-19. Topics that are taboo in many rural areas, such as sexual violence, child marriages and gender equality are discussed. The sports and play activities are specifically aimed at the development of life skills for children, such as assertiveness, emotion management, empathy, self-confidence and respect.

His teachers learnt during the trainings that small adjustments to playing activities allow the inclusion of every single child. Addy is now learning to look at possibilities instead of limitations. By integrating play with physical activity/education, this innovation will keep students active and engaged while learning important concepts and life skills.

When he heard that his peers were enjoying sports and play at the local school, he decided to return to school. He is happy to be back, to learn new things and to be able to play. This fundamentally important educational mission is combined with targeted social projects in the surrounding indigenous villages and their schools. With the funding of the PRANA Foundation, technical equipment for the research station in Peru is financed. In the game Stop Right Now, children learn how to set their limits verbally and non-verbally, but also to respect each other and to stop as soon as someone indicates their limit. In this way children become assertive, they stand up for themselves and each other and they dare to say ‘STOP’ to unwanted behaviour.

They also learn how to carve out a livelihood through the sale of their produce. Venture Scotland with its outdoor-based personal development programme, helps young people to develop their personal skills and acquire the skills they need to get a job or a vocational training opportunity. With the support of the PRANA Foundation, the position of a Volunteer & Practice Development Manager is being financed. Kelvin is eleven years old and lives with his grandparents in a remote village in Zambia. He dropped out of school and spent the past five years working on the land and taking care of the cattle.

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Join for Joy uses sports and play to stimulate children in the most rural areas of East Africa to come to school and stay in school. Children get familiar with playful learning so that they can develop themselves into resilient boys and girls with a positive perspective on the future. The PRANA Foundation sponsors a special project callans furniture in China that offers socially disadvantaged, neglected and abused children in Beijing a reliable shelter. Through the project, the children come into contact – often for the first time – with music, dance and song; music thus becomes a therapeutic tool that strengthens the children’s self esteem and emotional development.

Join for Joy strongly believes that every child should experience the carefree, joyful energy of childhood. We manifest this belief by organizing summercamps and sports and play activities at schools for children living in developing countries. Health and wellbeing of pupils and teachers is the basis for successful teaching and learning. Place2B offers Scottish schools accompanying measures and training to improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health of students, families and teachers.

In addition, the children will be able to visit a kindergarten and other facilities there. Business – Interesting business opportunities and ideas, modeling engagements, money earning possibilities, advertising strategies, resources for beginners and experienced adult businessmen. We are also open for all suggestions and proposals, so don’t hesitate to talk to us about your business plans.

It fosters collaboration and is an effective way to engage students. The PRANA Foundation supports 60 orphan girls for a period of 4 years, and so enables them to complete their school curriculum leading to better future job prospects. In this way the PRANA Foundation sponsors the Dutch “Verkaart Stichting”, a non-profit organisation that provides care for the poorest – providing not just schooling, but also clothing, school uniforms, and basic medical care. The “Verkaart Stichting” has built several orphanages in Kenya and is still expanding its activities – always in close cooperation with local authorities and elders. Programme activities include agricultural projects that enable the orphanage to become ultimately self-financing. The children learn, for example, to grow vegetables and to keep livestock in order to become self-sufficient.