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She was spending time with Sheldon Jeter’s half-brother, then 32-year-old Rashawn Bolton. Lisa DelTondo put Rachael in touch with John Paul – and while the two never met in magento repricing person, he says he spoke to Rachael several times – and she claimed to have information about city officials. He says his relationship with Catroppa is purely professional.

Jim Parsons is a notable exception in that he appears in both series as the same character, though in this series his appearance is limited to voice only. Bob Newhart appears as Professor Proton in both series; with the appearance in this series, the character is made to look younger. Iain Armitage , Lance Barber , and Montana Jordan make a guest appearance in the parent series in a scene in which a VHS tape recorded decades earlier is played. There are other actors who appear in both series but as different characters.

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During this interview, detectives got a warrant to search Jeter’s home, and found a gun under his mattress. According to the state police crime lab, it’s the gun that shot Tyric Pugh. Gun powder residue was also found on the steering wheel of the car Jeter was driving. But Catroppa wasn’t just given the report; he was handed a folder that also contained paperwork with sensitive personal information, like Social Security and driver’s license numbers.

He insists he told Perciavalle that Frank could see the report, but only after proper procedure was followed. Whatever the truth, Catroppa read that report that day, and it didn’t quite match the story that Rachael had told him. After Frank Catroppa’s birthday party, it’s now early 2017, he and his former fiancée Rachael DelTondo were quietly spending time together again. Catroppa says that as time passed, he became increasingly bothered by Rachael’s story, about her encounter with 17-year-old Sheldon Jeter. So, he went to the Aliquippa Police Department…and asked Assistant Police Chief Joe Perciavalle if there was an incident report.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, law enforcement was called to a home in the town of Sheldon on Sunday. Family had shown up at the home and found two people who lived there dead. Rusk County – Two people are dead in Rusk County and authorities at both the county and state level are investigating the case. Chief Jones told News 18 that Bob always saw the good in people and was an active member of the community.

At age 11, Sheldon graduates high school and begins attending the fictional university East Texas Tech full time. Jesse O’Brien, 36, died from a single gunshot wound, the agency reported. His father, 59-year-old Scott P. O’Brien, was taken into custody. He has been booked on a possible charge of homicide by intoxicated use of a firearm. As of Wednesday, he has not been charged in Rusk County Court. In general, tetanus shots will be available at Sheldon-area urgent care centers, retail clinics, primary care doctor offices, local pharmacies and travel vaccination centers.

Glovan recalls Rachael coming to her that Super Bowl weekend in tears. Every year, Catroppa throws himself a big birthday party at a bar in downtown Aliquippa. In December 2016, Rachael was there to help celebrate. Jen Glovan and her boyfriend Matt Mottes hadn’t seen Rachael in months. Both say she didn’t seem herself — that she was drawn and jumpy. That’s probably why Rachael’s former fiancé, Frank Catroppa was one of the first people questioned by police.

Raegan Revord as Melissa “Missy” Cooper, Georgie’s younger sister and Sheldon’s younger twin sister. She teases Sheldon along with Georgie but not as much. She does not share Sheldon’s intelligence, but is very perceptive.