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Students must also have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 in the CS major qualification courses attempted at UC Santa Cruz, with at most one unsuccessful attempt (grade C-, D+, D, D-, F, or NP) permitted in a CS major qualification course. Transfer students should refer to the Transfer Admission Screening requirements. Transfer students who are not familiar with both an object-oriented language and C may need to take a remedial course. Students familiar with C++ and Unix should find the transition to Python and C relatively simple. Math placement is required for one or more of the foundational courses for this major. The following table and chart show the ethnic background for students who recently graduated from University of California – Santa Cruz with a master’s in compsci.

The student presents an expository talk on the thesis research, and the final thesis must be accepted by the review committee before the award of the master of science degree. The undergraduate program is part of the Computational Media Department, one of seven departments within the Baskin School of Engineering, located on the northern part of the UCSC campus. Whitehead pointed out that the computational media department is not the only department involved in video game development, and games generally, at the university, with courses also offered through the games and playable media program. Please note that only letter grades of C or higher may be applied to a certificate, and in some programs, students may have more stringent requirements. Students in most employer- and government-sponsored payment programs, such as workforce development, as well as international students on F-1 visas, need to maintain a B average to meet their requirements.

The core programming sequence—courses CSE 30 and CSE 13S—exposes students to both Python and C. Prior to admission, transfer students must have completed the following five courses or their articulated equivalents with a wow wow wubbzy magic tricks combined minimum GPA of 3.0. We’ve gathered data and other essential information about the program, such as the average salary of graduates, ethnicity of students, how many students graduated in recent times, and more.

We’ve also included details on how UC Santa Cruz ranks compared to other colleges offering a major in compsci. Each Ph.D. candidate submits the completed dissertation to a reading committee at least one month prior to the dissertation defense. The appointment of the dissertation reading committee is made immediately after the qualifying examination and is necessary for advancing to candidacy.

However, only one course may be shared between two E&T certificate programs unless otherwise noted. Students admitted to UCSC in fall 2018 or later will be able to declare a computer science major only if they have been admitted to UCSC as a proposed computer science major. Please DO NOT enroll in Math 11A, AMS/Econ 11A. Only MATH 19A, 19B, and AM 30 or 23A are acceptable calculus requirements for these majors. Students who want to take AM 30 must have completed Math 19B and AM 10 before enrolling. Natural Language Processing focuses on the development of computer programs that can understand, generate, and learn from human language for useful purposes.

BINEET SHARMA, M.S.C.S., is a seasoned technologist with more than 30 years’ experience in technical architecture, upper level management, professional teaching, and entrepreneurship. He has held a variety of leadership roles in all aspects of the software development life cycle, including CEO of CashonAd, a mobile advertising app platform; and co-founder of OnTick, a technical analysis tool for stock market data positions. Previously he held management and technical positions at F1Soft International, Soffront Software, Concuity, National Data Corp., and Epiphany.