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ISOCORE Flooring Learn More About ISOCORE Vinyl Flooring

The Isocore technology offers several advantages over many other types of floorcoverings. Isocore is extremely light, which allows for cost efficient transport and easy installation. Isocore’s DropLock installation technology also ensures a very fast installation.

Ultra-fresh inhibits bacteria and the growth of mould and mildew. Isocore has proven to be the most stable of the hybrid flooring solutions on the market. Where others may buckle and warp, Isocore’s unique structure ensures it remains stable. Aspecta by Metroflor is also sponsoring a keynote address by speaker Jessica Green, scientist and founding director of the Biology and the Built Environment Center. “ISOCORE was developed to make life easier, safer and more comfortable for builders, architects, designers, retailers, installers and end users,” Rogg said. Enter the innovation of ISOCORE Technology™ which was specifically designed for wet floor areas and longevity in more punishing commercial zones.

For this purpose, they are evaluated and approved based on reports from independent testing institutes. Thanks to very low emissions, these products offer the best conditions for healthier living. We would like to make a decisive contribution to this today and also in the future. ISOCORE is a highly engineered, closed-cell extruded vinyl core layer that excels in comparison to other multilayer solutions, according to the company. Its unique composition allows it to be strong and rigid (dimensionally-stable), lightweight, 100 percent waterproof and inherently safe. Consistent with the company’s commitment to sustainability, ISOCORE is manufactured from 100 percent virgin resins and does not contain any plasticizers, phthalates or formaldehyde.

The Classic Collection offers designs and colors that are suitable for any room or space. Every tool in the IsoCore™ collection has been engineered from head to handle for better results and an improved experience. Discover how this scientifically tested, performance-validated technology helps make tough jobs easier on your body. Take on longer rides and rougher roads with the Pro IsoCore road handlebars. Feel the difference 20% less road vibration can make on your next gravel grinder or granfondo. IsoCore inner-laminar technology and IsoZone padding combine to virtually eliminate road chatter while maintaining the strength of our OCLV carbon.

Many floors have the stunning good looks but don’t cut it when it comes to the tough conditions of wet areas or high use retail, hospitality, or aged care facilities. SLY offers an integrated IXPE sub-layer, which prevents the formation of airlifts and possible cavities. This has a positive effect on the acoustic insulation and provides jewelry stores in savannah a reduced impact sound (-18 dB). Furthermore the integrated IXPE mat ensures highest walking comfort and relieves the joints and spine. Take on longer rides and rougher roads with the Pro IsoCore road handlebars, which can cut road vibration by 20% for a more comfortable, less-fatiguing ride on all-day gran fondos and gravel.

Its characteristics are comparable to those of balsawood, coupled with the advantages of a synthetic material featuring high resistance against moisture.

ISOCORE also has superior dimensional stability which ensures a plank or tile is suitable for expansive spaces of up to 150 sqm without an expansion break. This allows for continuous flooring over large areas such as entrance foyers, corridors, showrooms, galleries or open plan areas such as lounges and dining rooms. A carbon road handlebar with IsoCore that reduces road vibration by 20% and features a shallow-flared drop and shorter-reach design. Fashion House Chevron flooring is a boutique-style collection of large-scale patterned floors built on the foundation of ISOCORE Technology®.