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Is this site legit for hotel rates : electricdaisycarnival

The right hotel, in his case, was the Holiday Inn Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia. Boiler-room hustlers are in the midst of a golden age — spinning their legendary sales scams by selling fool’s gold instead of their worthless penny stocks. Insider Deals unlock up to a 30% price drop just by creating an account and signing in. Welcome to the finest ROM resource on the web! We hope you enjoy your stay and we will be happy to welcome you back. Users signing up via the Google login button might have experienced some troubles with activating their account.

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11th night free – earn a free night (only pay taxes & fees) when you complete 10 stays. These false storefronts look like the real deal. You can book a room and they’ll generate a confirmation. But in reality, they’ve just stolen your personal information and credit card number. “I will rarely, if ever, book a room for my clients in LA for under $100,” Russell said.

When I received my first offer with the hotel options, I was disappointed. I contacted the customer support for a refund, they took 2 days to respond, but well they promised me to send a new offer, so I waited and I got way better options. So I would recommend using Roomhustlers but also be careful and read about the hotels that they provide you to choose from.

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