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International Minimum Ages for Sales of Alcohol ProCon org

They are perfectly fine to drive on using a simple car during the summer, but wintertime requires a 4-wheel drive. Usually, when you check into your hotel, an all-inclusive plan means that you’ll receive a wristband. Use it to prove you’re above the legal age, so you can order a drink easily and quickly.

In many places of the world, you cannot buy alcohol for people under the minimum drinking age of that location. Usually, the only exception is for a parent or guardian buying for their own child. However, not all Australian locations require a parent or guardian present when a minor receives alcohol. Permission must always be obtained by the parent or guardian, however.

The territory held out even after the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 came into effect. Before 1984, the age at which young people could buy alcohol varied by state even more so than when some states raised it to 21. Drivers in Ireland cannot have more than .05 percent is puerto rico safe to travel alone blood alcohol concentration in their systems. If police catch people operating a vehicle above this BAC limit, they could face at least hundreds of dollars of fines. This country also does sentence people to jail and suspends licenses for varying periods depending on the offence.

Selling alcohol to a minor will be punished with a fine equivalent to ten basic salaries. Whoever permits minors to maintain in any establishment which main purpose is to sell alcohol beverages, will be sanctioned with a fine equivalent to five salaries. 16 It is prohibited for any licensee to sell, serve or supply alcohol beverages to anyone under the age of 18 years. The law provides an exception for anyone who is 16 or 17 years of age, and consumes a fermented alcohol drink with a meal, in a part of a licensed premises that serves meals and is not a bar. 18 It is prohibited for any person with a liquor license to sell or supply alcohol beverages to anyone under 18 years of age.

In Lithuania, it’s illegal to sell, serve, or supply alcoholic beverages to anyone under 20. The minimum average drinking age varies throughout the rest of the world. It ranges from 13 in Burkina Faso to a complete ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol in Brunei. Wisconsin was the first American state to pass a minimum drinking age in 1839. It prevented the sale of wine or liquor to anyone under 18 without parental consent.

Any statements, findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed on this website do not reflect the policies or views of all IARD members or the organizations they represent, unless explicitly stated. However, all members agree on and support IARD’s mission of reducing the harmful use of alcohol. Tourists tend to get more leniancy (sp?) i can´t say that i´ve carded a single one in my 7+ years of bartending in downtown Reykjavík. I am an underaged Icelander and once I didn’t have fake ID so I decided to walk into a club while speaking English with my friend. The bouncer stopped us and said “ID” and I said “Oh, I’m so sorry I forgot it at the hotel” and he shrugged and let us in. If I had been speaking Icelandic he never would have let us in.