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I Tried This Custom Hair-Care System and Got Healthier, More Defined Curls in 30 Days

Since I am ridiculously sensitive to most scents, I try my best to steer clear of them. Just take a look at their ingredient list and it’ll shock you. Dry Shampoo contains only natural ingredients like menthol, tapioca starch, and witch hazel extract. Prose believes hair care is a personal journey, and for that reason, they create custom hair care products using different formulations unique to you.

Curl Centric is a website operated by a husband and wife team that encourages healthy hair care. Even if one formulation doesn’t work for you, just go back and adjust your answers to the initial quiz. Then, Prose will reformulate your product so it works the way you want it to. We know how invaluable customer insight is, so we’d like to look at what the reviews for Prose are like in this section. Sesame seed extract – According to some hair experts, sesame seed extract is just as effective at reducing hair loss as prescription medication.

I liked Corsica for the most part, but it wasn’t quite sweet enough for my liking. I generally lean toward scents that are described as “fresh” and “clean” and include description words like rain, ocean, linen, etc. Although Corsica is described make hair curly without perm as “Fresh and Aquatic”, it didn’t feel quite right for me. It didn’t have the sweetness from the peony and pear that I had expected. Prose is a fully personalized hair care system designed for you based on your individual needs.

(We’ve had friends who swear by it.) Plus, you might find haircare shopping a little bit easier in the long run. My box also contained a satin pillowcase, something curly girls use to prevent frizz while they sleep. STYLENOOK Share your style and browse the style of others CURLTALK Chat with curl friends about your favorite curly topics TRENDSETTER Participate in product testing surveys discussions etc. Kenneth Byrd holds a BS in Accounting and Management Information Systems and an MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is a serial hair blogger that has been writing about hair care since 2008, when he co-founded Curl Centric and Natural Hair Box.

In the end, Jess didn’t see enough results from the actual products to justify their price tag—and unfortunately, neither did I. However, I found that the conditioner could now de-knot my hair without additional smoothing spray, likely due to the deep conditioning treatment I received at the salon. It goes to show no that regular shampoo and conditioner can replace essential salon maintenance of color-treated hair.

You can find out everything you need to know to pick the best Prose scent for you. There are many Prose scents including Prose Corsica scent, Prose oasis scent and Prose Perle scent. I first started my Prose Reviews in 2018 and have added more Prose Reviews over the years as I tried out more and more Prose hair products.

That would make the investment pretty costly for me over time. If I’d added my leave-in and curl cream right after my conditioner in the shower on soaking-wet curls , that shrinkage would have been non-existent. The reason for that is my hair was hydrated from just the shampoo and conditioner. Since Prose’s offerings are customizable, each product’s components will be made specifically for your hair concerns. I found their use of actives like hyaluronic acid, fermented rice water, and plant collagen pretty unique. A few of these might be in the products I currently use, but I’ve never seen them called out as key ingredients.

Here are some of the questionable ingredients included in various Prose hair products. Keep in mind that while these ingredients are harmful to some, other users may find them perfectly safe. I love knowing that the products I’m using are made just for me. While I consider myself an expert on my hair, I love that Prose offers so many resources for my hair and the ingredients in my products—it’s like an entirely fresh start for my hair journey. As for the results—which is what we all really want to know about—they speak for themselves. My goal is for my hair to be stronger, shinier, softer, and more defined.

You can test the waters and come back to order even more later if you feel Prose hair products are working for you. As I mentioned in my Prose reviews above, I have been leaving my wash day to every 4 days since quarantine. I am indoors a lot and not doing as many intense work outs so my hair lasts longer. I have been using the Prose Dry Shampoo for the last few washes and I love it. I was surprised when I first opened it as I was expecting a spray like other dry shampoos that I have used. Prose Dry Shampoo is relatively new and is a powder dry shampoo.

Right off the bat, as a curmudgeonly health journalist, I raised an eyebrow when I saw my shampoo includes CBD, which is typically under-studied and overhyped. But other standouts like hyaluronic acid and collagen made immediate sense for smoothing strands and healthy-ing up my hair. Which is why I jumped at the opportunity to review Prose, a personalized hair-care routine I was suddenly seeing ​all​ over my social media feeds. Prose promises — and delivers — customization at every step of the way with their personalized hair-care products. We believe in simple solutions to life’s everyday problems. Whether it’s a delicious recipe, clean beauty, or a forward-thinking mindset, we believe that healthy living can be easy and fun.