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How To Throw A Filthy Four-Seam Fastball 14 Pictures Of Grips

The more grips that you can master and control, the bigger your advantage will be as a pitcher. Fastballs are not just about speed, but also the movement that you can use to upset a hitter’s timing and balance. I hope you now have a better understanding of four-seam vs. two seam fastballs. The pros and cons of the two-seamer both deal with the movement. It’s a great pitch for you to use if you want to jam or confuse a hitter. If you are a righty, the pitch will run in on a right-handed batter.

But if a pitcher can successfully use both a four-seamer and off-speed to fool hitters, it is so much more deadly, proving to be another point of value-added via a four-seam fastball. To grip the four seam fastball, place your index and middle fingertips directly on the perpendicular seam of the baseball. The “horseshoe seam” should face into your ring finger of your throwing hand . For pitchers that can’t get the efficiency up enough with a 4 seam fastball grip change, nor can they get it into like a true cutter profile. Having the coaching experience to know when it’s time to commit to this is vital. The four-seam fastball is used commonly employed by the pitcher to get ahead in the count or when throwing a strike is crucial.

It is considered a direct pitch characterized by the greatest speed that can be thrown in the variety of all fastball grip variations. Knuckle curveball is an advanced variation of the curveball and is also called the spike curve. If you want to play mind games with the batter, try this pitching grip. The ball is thrown in the same way you would throw a beginner’s curveball with the difference lying in the index finger tucked back into the seam of the ball. Instead of the index finger pointing towards your target, the knuckle points towards the target. The ball looks like it is floating and darting in different directions to the batter because there is no spin added to the ball.

To demonstrate this, I’ll look at San Francisco Giants pitcher Tyler Rogers. Shown below in red is the expected vs actual spin axis of Rogers in 2022 camwood bat program for his four-seam fastball. To grip the knuckleball, position the ball in the same way as you would in the two-seam fastball or the splitter.

The backspin needed for the fastball comes from the release of the ball. No matter the fastball’s grip or the arm’s angle, the release is the key to a straight pitch. As the ball releases from the hand, it should roll off the middle and index fingertips, and with enough fingertip pressure, the ball will have enough backspin. But Creighton found a way to exploit the rules and began throwing the ball in a straight line with a lot of speed.