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How to stream Spotify music on your Fitbit

If not, you need to convert your Deezer music to a specified format and transfer them to your Fitbit Versa. Today, in the following passage, we will introduce the complete tutorials to play Deezer on Fitbit Versa with or without a subscription for your reference. While music is playing, play or pause the track or tap the arrow icons to skip to the next track or previous track (returning to a previous track isn’t possible when listening to Flow). As effective as these devices are (they’re a genuine upgrade for those with high-quality wired headphones or earbuds), they hardly seem like the kind of thing that Apple would want to pursue. After eliminating the headphone jack, it wouldn’t make sense for Apple to start selling a small but expensive, easily lost adapter just so you can enjoy high-quality music.

In recent days, there’s been some talk of Apple launching a new lossless hi-fi audio tier for its Apple Music streaming music service. The leading evidence for such a move is a few lines of code in iOS 14.6 beta spotted by 9to5Mac. Those lines, which have since been removed, referenced “lossless” audio with the Apple Music app. You can also consider the Huawei Band 7 which is down to £37/€42. You get an AMOLED screen, blood oxygen and heart rate tracking and all-day stress tracking. Band 7 can last up to two weeks between charges, and you can sync your runs with Strava.

In addition, you can set the bit rate, sample rate, codec, etc. as you need. Upon launching the software, you’ll find a list of programs such as chrome, IE, WMP, etc displaying in the opening window. Click any browser to access Deezer website, or you can choose to tap the “+” button to add the Deezer app.

The page will give you access to your Deezer account. You can add and remove playlists here and access your saved customised lists. All of this will sync automatically when your watch is charging close to a WiFi network. The first method that you can try is the official way, which is getting the Deezer app on the Fitbit Versa smartwatch. Well, the answer is no; you will require a paid subscription to be able to listen to Deezer songs on Fitbit Versa.

You will get the Premium membership for free for the first three months, but you will have to get a paid subscription after that. Give the gift of fitness and fun with a brand new Fitbit in our Mother’s Day sale. Plus, you can invite the whole family to a Daily Showdown Challenge for a healthy way to stay connected, near or far.

Your Fitbit Sense or Fitbit Versa will not let you browse through your Deezer account. To listen to music, you will need to download preestablished playlists. Once you’ve read through this guide, you’ll know both the above methods enable you to listen to Deezer music on your Fitbit. Using Macsome Deezer Music Converter is a more effective way. With it, you can easily transfer Deezer music to a Fitbit.

Open the Deezer app on your watch and tap the play button next to a playlist to start playing the music in that playlist. You can also tap the name of the playlist to see the list of tracks. You may need to scroll down to see all of your playlists.