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How To Silk Press Your Natural Hair

The technique spread to the United States where it was popularized by Dominican stylists. The Dominican blowout allows highly-textured and tightly-curled hair types to be straightened without the use of chemicals. It has become popular, particularly among African Americans, as an alternative to permanent hair straightening or as a method of straightening the hair between relaxers. A silk press is a straightening technique that is simply gorgeous without any of the damaging chemicals. Deep conditioning makes the process easier, and choosing a good quality flat iron means you can do small sections in one pass, minimizing heat damage. As this style is done through heat instead of chemicals, maintain it by keeping it away from moisture and wrapping it up at night.

Using a smoothing conditioner helps to flatten the hair cuticles, which will limit damage to hair during the straightening process, as well as enhancing the silky, straight look of your hair. Once you have rinsed the smoothing conditioner out, towel try your hair and apply leave in conditioner. Unlike a relaxer or Japanese hair straightening, a silk press doesn’t use chemicals to alter the texture of hair follicles. Instead, hairstylists use heat, styling tools, and products to create a silky, shiny hairstyle.

A Silk Press service is essentially just having your natural Afro hair straightened. The term ‘Silk Press’ is coined from America because it is just a way to separate the service from the traditional blowdrying and straightening. I wouldn’t say straightening i.e. relaxed hair is the same as straightening Afro hair. Secondly, there is a technique to it because you are using more tension as you want it to last. With the Silk Press service, it involves a few steps such as cleansing the hair properly, conditioning , blowdrying and straightening the hair.

Depending on your hair, it may also involve wrapping the hair with a plastic cap or cling film and putting you under the hair dryer for a few minutes to give it some body. Frequent gym-goers are advised to skip the silk press process as silk presses temporarily straighten the hair, and sweat, water, and humidity can cause your hair to revert to its natural state. Hydrogen bonds are weaker, temporary and dependent on the amount of water in your hair.

Tighter curled hair in the 4b-4c range has more bonds holding its curls together. That’s because on tighter curls, there are many more curls per strand protective hairstyles for sleeping than on say, a 3b strand. In the Dominican Blowout, the rollerset infuses hair with movement and volume that can’t be made up for later in the process.

Instead, you can use the first couple of weeks after you shampoo out your silk press to focus on cleansing and conditioning your hair and scalp. Keratin treatments are a type of blowout that involves applying and sealing the keratin formula in the hair before finishing off with the blow-dryer. You can get a silk press every three to four months, depending on your hair’s health.

If you’re a ’90s baby, you probably remember—no matter how hard you try to forget—your parent using a stove, lots of oil, and a rusty hot comb to straighten your hair in the kitchen . A silk press is the improved version of that technique, says Joly. Using a combo of hot tools and products, a silk press allows you to transform your hair from super curly to silky straight, without the pain and heat damage that comes from an old-school press and curl. Now that you have thoroughly prepared your hair for the Silk Press, the next step is to blowdry your hair. The straighter you can get your hair by blow drying the better, because it will reduce the intensity with which you will need to use the straightening irons, reducing the possibility of heat damage. Adopting good blow dry technique should also flatten the cuticles, making hair straight and silky in appearance.

Cheryl Burke would “love to” be a judge on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ now she has stepped down as one of the show’s professional dancers. I’m really tried of coloring at this point as my hair seems REALLY coarse and probably damaged from over processing with color. I’m very grey at the roots and it was suggested to me to try a Dominican Blowout. You can get around most of these disadvantages by using the rollerset-based silk press which is closer to the Dominican Blowout method but still includes a press. On 1 side of the head, pull out the very bottom part of your hair. Use a comb or clip to make a line across the bottom so you get an even layer.