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How to Repair Fishing Rods in Black Desert Online?

If you have Artisan 2 Trade, then you can get the Valencia City desert trade buff, which will increase your earnings by 50%. Before we begin, I would highly recommend that unless you are already at full TET gear, you should create a season character. Even if you are a returning player, you may benefit from the free TET accessories you can get from the Season Gift Exchange Coupon. Green Epheria Caravel/Galleass parts can be tapped to +10 without any failstacks needed or you can use very low failstacks.

One thing to keep in mind is that the water tables are shared across all channels. This means even if your channel is empty, your favorite fishing spot might be Exhausted. In order to alleviate the difference among Life Skill levels, the required EXP and obtained EXP have been readjusted for Hunting, Training, Farming, and Sailing. Hotspots give an abnormally high amount of high grade fish. There are several items you can obtain in game, besides the Balenos Fishing Rod, to decrease your Fishing Time. Right-click the treasure map to receive a treasure hunting quest.

After reaching high accuracy and high AP, crystals can be swapped for human damage. At this point, your only upgrades are from Caphras Levels and endgame accessories. Continue putting Caphras Stones into your Red Nose armor to get it to Caphras level 10 as early as possible. If you get it to level 10, start putting them into your Griffon Helmet instead. Just forced it all the way to +10 and repaired with more rods.

There are many Events in BDO that center around fishing and provide special drops. Sometimes these special drops are part of the “trash” loot table, even if the drop item netflix datamine suggest partnership with shows a yellow grade. This is also the theory behind Ancient Relic Shards. Some players swear by using the Balenos Fishing Rod to catch more of those rare drops.

It doesn’t matter how many fail stack u have, u will still fail. +15 and TET armor and weapons have the same starting Enhancement Chance of 2%. Balenos Fishing Rod can be upgraded with Blackstone to a maximum of +10. Enhancement decreases Auto-fishing Time and increases max Durability. The Marmot and Otter pets are easy to obtain from the Pearl Shop and are available all year around. Other Limited Fishing pets aren’t as easy to obtain because they require an Event or rare drop.

This is all you need to know about how to repair broken or damaged fishing rods in Black Desert Online. Still, if you are facing any trouble in repairing your rods the feel free to comment below. After that, it’s all about whatever you can find that has -% autofishing time on it, like further enhancing your Balenos rod.

You would be able to use the rods better and would also unlock specific fishing quests. So a higher level also helps to get a better rod to do fishing at a much greater rate. Everybody loves fishing, and in that case, Black Desert Online is undoubtedly an exciting and fun game to play. It gives us the chance to go fishing and various other activities that we do in real life. However, while fishing, one can have some trouble repairing their fishing rods once they get broken. If you are also facing this problem, worry no more as in this article, we will walk you through how to repair fishing rods in BDO.