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How to Produce Statements in QuickBooks Online

In both versions, you’ll need to click the menu in the lower right corner after you’ve opened the QuickBooks Online app and select Mileage. Your phone’s location services tool must be turned on, too. There are other settings that vary between the two operating systems. You can search the help system of either app to make sure you get your settings correct if the onscreen instructions aren’t clear enough.

And, each line on a statement represents sales transactions such as credits, invoices, and anything that you have processed for that particular customer. Follow the below steps to generate your statements in QuickBooks. You can choose a balance status ofall,open, andoverdue for this type of statement.Allincludes customers who have accessyoursystem reviews a zero balance. Its thorough form templates ask you for numerous details, like the vendor, product or service, amount, and billable status. You can run any of several related reports, like Expenses by Vendor Summary. This is time-consuming, but the more information you can include about your customers from the start, the better.

It’s time for you to be more proactive about calling customers who owe you money. In this article, you have learned all about generating statements. You have learned the reasons to send statements and seen how to find customers with overdue balances that need them. Here, you can first decide to show each transaction on a single line or with details. You can then decide to show an aging table at the bottom of the statement.

When you send an invoice for products or services, it is an informal contract. As such you are justified in expecting timely payment for what you have sold. In the Create Statements window there is a PRINT option. You can print the statements to a PDF writer like Acrobat or the free CutePDF and save that file. You can send out your statements at any time during the month, but typically they’re sent at the end of the month.

If so, click the button in front of Statement Period From, and enter that period’s beginning and ending dates by clicking on the calendar graphic. If you’d rather, you can include all open transactions by clicking on the button in front of that option. As you can see in the screenshot above, you can choose to Include only transactions over a specified number of days past due date.