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How to prevent chafing from ruining your summer Popular Science

My thought was that we could cool off with a Key Lime Colada, and I could make my way to the ladies’ room for some much-needed attention to my legs. My husband and I just returned from a weeklong anniversary trip in Key West, Florida. While we had a great time, we were a little surprised by the heat. We are from north Texas and thought we were accustomed to the heat and humidity. Boy, were we wrong, and it was only May, not August mind you. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

The salve is weather resistant so it will stand up to anything. Like your sunscreen, you may have to reapply it throughout the day but it will keep you protected and rash free. If you want to prevent chafing you should cut down on how much you come into contact with sand. Bring a chair to keep yourself elevated off the ground.

Similar to deodorant, lubricating areas prone to chafing with products such as petroleum jelly can prevent discomfort. If powder’s not your thing, you could go in the other direction and lube it up. Skin lubricants, like Vaseline All-Over Body Balm Stick, are popular among distance runners and cyclists to help keep skin from rubbing and tugging.

A chafed area is basically a painful, bleeding scratch mark where your sweaty, salty skin has rubbed against your clothing or even against itself. It’s important to know how to prevent chafing so you can stay comfortable when you exercise and avoid infection. Chafing happens due to friction, whether it’s skin-to-skin rubbing or friction between your skin and fabric such as your swimsuit, wetsuit or life vest. Regardless of the reason, the net result is often a painful burning or stinging sensation that can come on quickly and eventually escalate to becoming a bleeding open wound. These swimsuit chafe abrasions can become painful, the burning sensation become intolerable resulting sidelining you from your favorite activity. An alternative to shorts is to try thigh bands with your swimsuit.

The best way to treat sand chafing is to make sure you don’t further irritate the area, and you do that with the right clothing and reducing friction. Again, the best thing you can do is relax and lay off any water or beach activities hyphema in dogs home remedies for the day, or remain calm and treat the area with some topical solutions. According to VeryWell Health, with proper sand chafing treatment, your skin can heal itself between one to two days depending on the severity.

Swimsuit season can be fun in so many ways—from poolside parties and barbecues to catching the rays on your favorite beach—it’s the epitome of summertime relaxation. When answering the question of how to stop swimsuit chafing, NoNetz anti-chafe swimsuits are the only 100-percent effective solution. Shop our entire collection of men’s and boys’ swimwear today and enhance your family’s enjoyment of the beach and pool.

We’ll explain why chafing occurs and how you can treat and prevent this skin irritation. If you start to develop pustules, painful red bumps, intense swelling, or bleeding, it’s time to go see a doctor. These are some tips to allow a person to have a fun day at the beach without worrying about chafing. Chafing can be painful and these are some easy ways to avoid it. There are creams on the market that can be applied to the skin to stop chafing before going to the beach. These creams will stand on the skin even when they come in contact with sand and water.

Even if you don’t hit the beach, activities from long, heated walks to wheelchair rides can still cause clothing-induced chafing. Certain fabrics, such as polyester or rayon, rubbing against sensitive skin areas can be another common cause. The fit of the swimwear is important when it comes to preventing chafing. The loose material will rub against the skin and this will lead to irritation issues. Overall, it’s important to understand what triggers beach chafing and how you can treat it when it happens. The second step you can take to prevent sand chafe is to apply anti-chafe products to prone areas.

That being said, these tips can help you find relief to ensure everyone enjoys swimming and sand castle building by the seashore. Thankfully, over time beach enthusiasts and others have uncovered a handful of solutions that truly work to reduce or even prevent bathing suit chafing. This guide to how to prevent chafing at the beach will help make your swimming getaways more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Your skin is your complete body, which means although the area most prone to chafing is by your swim trunks, it can happen everywhere on your body. This helps keep everything dry and clear of saltwater and sand. It may seem too much to carry around two pairs of swim trunks but it does go a long way in helping with prevention. As your skin gets weaker and more sensitive, it also stays wet, starting to cause your skin to get a bit irritated. Then in comes, those man-made materials that swim trunks are made of.