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For example, an iron 12′ gate is going to weigh significantly more than a standard 12′ gate. Alternatively, a 12′ aluminum gate is going to weigh significantly less than a standard 12′ iron gate. Probably the only comparably safe place to make such an installation would be in a rural area with little or no traffic, and then with various safety features also put in place. Retractable bollards could be installed that would not allow an incoming car to approach the gate so closely that the gate could not open.

When there is insufficient room for a driveway gate to retract, there are other solutions. One solution would be to install a double sliding gate. An example would be a 12’ wide opening that would be split into two gate panels of 6’ each.

Arrived on promised date, friendly crew unloaded gates. We like the quality and finish of the first so felt quite happy to wait for the second and we were delighted when it was promised and also delivered in a much shorter timespan. Easy to use – it’s very easy to use and requires no manpower operation because it is fully automated patterns to cut out of wood and removes the hassle of getting out of the vehicle just to open or close the gate. The convenience and peace of mind it offers to the user are truly remarkable. Opens and closes easily thanks to the ball bearing system and adjustable roller. For installation instructions, garden advice and FAQ’s we’ve got the answers.

It does not require clearance in front to swing. If you have limited room on the opening side of the gate, a sliding fence may be a better fit for your property. “Frame only” sliding gates are becoming popular with the DIY market.

Entrance gate with blank sign and wooden fence – isolated vector… From my first phone call to delivery, the information, advice and general communication was excellent. I was firstly advised that there might be a 4-6 week lead-in time but the gates were delivered in 4 weeks from ordering. E-mails kept me informed of the start of the manufacturing, to the end of the process of staining, oiling, quality control to delivery date. Sliding gates handcrafted to any size in the UK.

From placing our order to receiving the end product the service we received was excellent.The customer service team were very informative and helpful. From initial contact to manufacturing and Subsequent delivery I was kept up to date. Paul Jones was very helpful and patient and gave excellent help re how to size etc prior to ordering. Easy to use website, well followed up with email progress reports as build progressed.

Ploughed field and gated fence on a bright spring morning in… Wooden wall texture with, background or wallpaper. We’ll send you an email once this product is back in stock. If you are wanting to add cedar tongue and groove to your frame, we can screw our special profile to the inside of the outer frame for you. You then have a 25mm space from the middle to the front edge to fit your material, and the total gate thickness remains at 50mm.