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How To Get Curly Hair Men: Tutorials And Tips

If you’re unsure on what to add to your wash day soundtrack, songs like Solange’s “Don’t Touch My Hair” or Amine’s “CANTU” are a good start. You probably already know this from experience, but since curly hair loses moisture easily, it needs a lot of care. Well, curly hair that’s been permed loses moisture even easier and needs even more care. However, if you think a perm will make your curls more manageable, less frizzy, or healthier… don’t even think about it. If that’s your goal, perming your hair will only expose it to chemicals unnecessarily and waste your money.

Your unique curl pattern is an important factor to keep in mind when deciding if a perm is right for you. As we said, Maria had curly hair, yet it lacked definition. When she walked into the salon and asked how to revive her curls, we suggested a permanent wave.

If you talk to any natural-haired beauty, the part of their hair routine that likely gives them the most stress is wash day. And the many steps spent keeping our tresses up to perfection is what oftentimes makes us resort to perming. We can’t take the hard work out of your routine, but we can add some much-needed fun.

Rub some on your hands and apply to your hair by scrunching. To undo your foam curlers, un-snap the hinge of each curler and gently unroll one at a time. Start with the curlers by the nape of your neck and work upwards until straight hair twists all of the curlers are out. If you have thin or short hair, you’ll use fewer curlers. If you have long or thick hair, you’ll use more curlers. Roll 1-inch pieces of hair into curlers all the way to the nape of your neck.

In the majority of cases, these products can be applied to both dry and wet locks. Just consider your hair type when choosing the curl enhancer and you are guaranteed the best result. While your hair length doesn’t play a role in getting a perm, the hair does need to be long enough to wrap around the rod. “To achieve a good curl, you’ll need to have hair that’s at least long enough to wrap around a rod two to two and a half times,” advises O’Connor. Isn’t it wonderful that you can achieve those gorgeous curls without any heat damage?

Freshly washed hair is the easiest to curl without heat. Twist one lock of hair around the scarf, and then add the other section into the twist, combining the two locks. A more modern take on overnight braids that gives you the perfect curl each time is the scarf technique.

Bates also recommends using a hair oil like Biolage Exquisite Oil Protective Treatment to give your lengths and ends extra nourishment. This formula protects and nourishes hair for extra softness and a brilliant shine. Try not to tie your hair back into tight ponytails or buns. You may need to experiment with a cleansing schedule to see what works best for you. In general, try shampooing every other day or every 3 days. These alternatives are easy to acquire and do not exert too much pressure on your hair.