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How to claim my Facebook business page that someone else created and manages

You will need to merge unmanaged pages with your official page once you’ve successfully claimed them. This will make it easier to manage them. All the likes and followers of the pages you’ve claimed will also be added to your official page.

If the Page you want to merge is not listed, unfortunately, it means you cannot merge the pages and will need to take other steps to recover the Page. You will be prompted pantry app panera to enter some information about your business. This is the basic profile information you would have had to input when creating the Page from scratch as well.

Creating a new Page lets you start from scratch and merge the old page into yours, maintaining contacts. Facebook has also generated “unofficial pages” based on Wikipedia articles. If a business is listed on Wikipedia and the owners didn’t create a Facebook page, Facebook may just create one for them.

But the condition is, you should be the original person who owns it. The question is how someone can create a duplicate Facebook page of a business when they are not the business owners! In that case, you need to know how to claim Facebook page ownership if it belongs to your business name. Facebook is a social media networking website that has billions of people. No doubt, now Facebook is definitely a good place for making business pages and popularizing. Millions of people have many things to share, and you can even find duplicate Facebook pages of your business or brand.

A) To merge multiple pages for a single business, first click on “Pages” from your Feed. We have recently used this letter and were able to get access in two business days. Overall I was very satisfied with Facebook representatives.