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HitTrax @ Strike Force Academy

They are more engaged and the coaches are armed with actionable insight that they’ve never before had access to. Anarticlefrom TechGraphs mentioned that the HitTrax system is accurate, as per InMotion. This accuracy has a +/- one mph room for error, which is reasonable.

The games are set-up to move quickly as they utilize a Hack Attack pitching machine and limit the games to six innings. “Having 3-5 players per team is ideal as it keeps everyone in the action and ready to hit”, Kopitzke comments. Aioki is proud of the fact that Notre Dame is the first university to use HitTrax, as it reaffirms the university’s commitment to the baseball program and how it develops its players. HitTrax StatsCenter is the online portal that puts HitTrax data at the fingertips of the player, coach and facility administrators. Securely stored in the cloud, HitTrax data can be accessed anywhere to review video analysis, instructor notes, individual session breakdowns, performance trends, and more! Players can also find where they rank regionally and nationally among all HitTrax users in their age group.

The latest technological innovation to improve player training is the HitTrax Data Capture & Simulation System. HitTrax is the first-of-its-kind training aid that delivers real-time performance metrics that are used to assess a player’s skills and monitor their progress over time. The game’s first and only virtual simulator is redefining the way baseball players are evaluated by combining analytics and real-time feedback. Now, players don’t have to wait until springtime to see results on the big screen. “The HitTrax VCAM represents another step forward in the innovation HitTrax brings to the baseball community. This enhancement further validates the impact that quantitative data and immediate feedback bring to player development and instruction,” said Michael Donfrancesco, owner and manager of InMotion Systems, LLC.

As a staff and program as a whole, we promote the combination of new age technology with old school principles. HitTrax has helped us immensely in putting our hitting philosophy in physical form. Head Coach Kelly Bevere explains what GREEN/GREEN means to her program and how they have leveraged that concept to support their evolving offensive philosophy while maintaining a competitive training environment.

The softball league will last from Dec. 6 until Jan. 24, playing every Tuesday at 6 p.m. It’s tough to progress in baseball when the only things you can count on are your eyes. Plus, it’s safe to say that it’s almost impossible to gauge your pitching or batting skills with pinpoint accuracy with nothing but your eyes. Today, and with the how to grip a 2 seam fastball help of technology, you can now train to become one of the best pitchers or batters. Upon finishing a session, all the generated data is available for review. Using the easy tools built into the software, you can produce the reports you wish to see and email them to yourself or anyone else (hitting instructor, college coach, etc.).

These events have been a major source of revenue for K-Zone as players and teams are charged an entry fee for participation. With this information in hand, subjective analysis is now replaced with a real-time visual representation of the hit along with immediate feedback of key performance metrics. This benefit cannot be understated given that in today’s visual world, seeing a simulation of the hit and its supporting data can provide a competitive – and psychological – edge. In order to do that there needs to be buy in, commitment, and consistency from both players and instructors. We feel the best way to achieve this is weekly lessons with an instructor.

Players can review their performances to find out areas of improvement. Users can also take advantage of the option of sending their training data to an online leaderboard. Here, players can compete with other HitTrax users without leaving the comforts of their preferred batting cages. The friendly competition can also light the fire of competitiveness in players, enhancing their drives for improvement. Hitters is Spokane’s most fun and welcoming batting cages for baseball and softball. Hitters offers Hittrax technology to provide instant feedback to whether that bomb was an actual home run or just a pop up to the shortstop.

Each individual session is saved so you can go back later through your profile and reproduce a desired report from any session you choose. Back in the batting cage, the HitTrax system also offers percentile rankings for all players. For example if you are in a 16U age group you can see how you stack up against everyone in that group that uses HitTrax. On the leaderboards only the top 25 from each age group in each region is listed. With the percentile rankings, an athlete not in the top 25 can still find their rank whether they are in the 50th or 75th percentile for their age group. “We are extremely pleased that the selection committee has chosen HitTrax as one of their Best of Show award winners,” said Michael Donfrancesco, owner and manager of InMotion Systems, LLC.

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