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Hawx USA Wedge Work Boots Review

Keen uses a rubber material across the forefoot as well, creating a hinge where leather can crack from repeated bending over time. Testing during the summer made us thankful for the breathable, waterproof lining, which helped keep out feet dry and comfortable on humid, 90-plus degree days. The Atomic Hawx Ultra 110 S is a high-performance boot designed for advanced skiers. It’s not the stiffest boot in the world, but by no means is it soft either. It has the perfect moderate flex for someone who is a bit lighter, someone who has a more conservative ski style, or someone who just prefers a medium flexing boot.

Questionable wisdom ordering ski boots online (!) but price was very good and fit seems good. I have just cranked my custom footbeds into these puppies and am ready to try them out later this month. Atomic Hawx Magna 110 S is one of our top ski boots in our wide-fit Hawx Magna series, with a strong/medium flex. We thought she looked good before, but we gotta hand it to her— according to our test team the new Hawx 105 S W fits better, skis better and does both at a fraction of its former weight.

The product must be offered for sale for a continuous 24 hour period. The price we are matching must include all costs the competitor would charge you for the item including tax and shipping where applicable. Since the assembly is performed by hand and per order, it may take 6-8 business days for the assembly of your new bike to be completed and shipped. A number of items require special shipping and handling due to their larger size.

These Elm work boots by Carolina are traditional, eight-inch, all-leather loggers. While boots of this style often require days of break-in, our tester said that aside from being a little stiff, they laced up fairly comfortably right out of the box. And, while it took two days to get them loosened up, it wasn’t two days of discomfort.

As another fitting data-point I am a size 27.5 Backland, Dynafit and a size 27.5 for all Scarpas. At just 160 pounds I’m not a big guy but do spend 100+ days a season skiing, with most of those days in backcountry. I’ve had 25+ days on the Atomic Hawx XTD in size 27.5 with almost all of the days spent in either backcountry of Whistler, the Duffey and the B.C.

Very reasonable weight for touring, while providing lots of confidence for weird backcountry conditions. Definitely have to comment Atomic for offering this boot in men’s and women’s version, in low and high volume fits. The Atomic boots did not come with the adjusting tool that is normally included. Atomic’s Mimic liners mold remarkably to both the foot and the interior of the boot shell for the utmost in fit and less liner-boot movement. This product is available for purchase in select store locations only. This product is available for purchase in select store locations or by phone.

For us, the customized shell fit ironed out a few pressure points that would have required significant effort to address in a non-moldable shell. We test all boots, initially, “straight out of the box”. We hope this “levels the playing field” and helps compare fit and comfort without the distraction of customization. We know, of course, that this isn’t how you will likely use your ski shoes. We’re often surprised, though, that we can use many boot models with no modification or customization. The lightest boots on the market weigh not much more than this for a complete pair.

By the time we reached the hut, my right foot was sore and starting to cramp. On the skin track is where I have my main quibble with the Hawx Ultra XTDs. Though I’ve adjusted to the mechanics of using a boot with overlap construction, I never feel like I have as natural an uphill stride in them as in, say, my Scarpa Geas or other non-overlap boots. When I first opened the box, my heart sank just a bit as I noticed the boot’s traditional overlap, four-buckle construction.

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Even sometimes, they can’t figure out their adjustable size online. In this case, Hawx always cares about the customers. They mention the available size of their every product very clearly so that customers can purchase and freely fit the outfit following their actual size. Moreover, Hawx always loves to get honest feedback from their respected users.