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Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond Series

Starts from Harry’s fourth year and goes AU from there. I won’t be kind to Ron but I won’t bash him either. Harry and Hermione are ‘child prodigies’.

My take on Reptilia28’s Don’t Fear The Reaper Challenge. Harry dies, meets Death and is sent back in time to fulfill his destiny and get the girl. M for language and possibly graphic violence later on. Harry has been in love with Hermione for years but she is marrying his best friend.

” You even got me liking Keller in what might have been, which to me is amazing since I hated her like hellfire. Snow touching stars is a rare thing. A jon snow fanfiction

This story takes us through their first three years at Hogwarts, and we get to see their relationship grow and progress as they age and mature. We get a bit of insight into her life before Hogwarts, and we see that she is truly a talented and special witch. Draco uses dark magic and curses to get what he wants, and he won’t let anyone stand in the way of what he wants.

He nodded, and she raised her right hand. She cupped his cheek and tilted his head down. His eyes never moved from hers as she studied them.

I’m so in love with this, hope to see more if it someday. I’m looking forward to the continuation, but it is an alone standing story as it is. As I have read in your ariat jeans explained replies, further work in this world will get here when it gets here, or not at all. In the mean time I’ll read your other work as I am sure it will be just as good.

Then I started to read fanfic’s and it suddenly made sense why I got the batshit! Vibe from her in both the books and the movies. Harry visits the family cemetery and a darkness invades the Forbidden Forest. The consequences of the events at Gryffindor Circle begin to ripple out through the magical world. A fated love awaits them both — if they are brave enough to let magic lead the way. Inspired by a doctor he meets in the past, Harry is determined to go into medicine and protect other children like himself and Tom.