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Halo Infinite collectibles guide

Once The Tower mission is complete, you will gain access to a hatch that means you can attempt to grapple the structure from the halfway point. Having the cooldown upgrade by spending Spartan Cores will make the ascent easier. To find the ‘third’ skull, you need to visit The Tower, which is the huge structure on the far west side of the map, and home to an early game mission of the same name. From here, the next few Skull locations can be collected in the open world.

At the end of the walkway you’ll find the power seed, and a UNSC audio log to the left of it. Halo Infinite has various collectibles scattered throughout the game world, including audio logs, skulls and Spartan Cores. The game’s second mission sends Master Chief to the Foundation, where he must make his way to the surface of the Ring. As with the previous mission on the Warship Gbraakon, this includes four collectibles. Players will find three audio logs, one of which automatically unlocks during the mission, and one skull.

You will enter a large room that turns into a combat area with many members of the Banished. The log can be found next to a doorway that leads out of this room, it’s hard to miss. Joe covers the latest Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox games for The Loadout after years of experience consoles. He’s also the chap behind our PS Plus Extra and Premium games list.

There’s one on the west side of the map on the lower level by the door that leads to the Cylix room. Hardlight ammo bounces, so even if your toss with the fusion coil isn’t entirely accurate, there’s a good chance its projectiles can bounce and hit the Jackals. Halo Infinite is finally here and for the first time in the series, it features a vast open-world set in Installation 07 – Zeta Halo. Similar to past Halo titles, players can come across many collectibles during story missions. However, Halo Infinite’s story missions aren’t exactly replayable and therefore some of its collectibles, especially the ones hidden in the linear missions are missable. The final Foundation collectible is towards the end of the mission when you’ll be directed to find a Power Seed to power up a lift that will take you to the Ring’s surface.

The ability to replay levels will be added at a later date, though, which should make collectible-hunting a lot easier. To get these audio logs, stand next to the big ring and interact with it. Here is every Halo Infinite collectable in the game, sorted by region and mission. We’ve separated the collectibles you can only find in the missions, even though the game displays their locations as part of the region where you access that mission. Many fans are diving right in and enjoying the flow of the long-awaited entry.

Halo Infinite’scampaign mode has finally been released and many players are sinking their teeth in the latest offering from developer 343 Industries. The second mission in Halo Infinite’s campaign, Foundation, has four collectibles for players to track down. The second mission in Halo Infinite takes place underneath Zeta Halo, in some weirdly hexagonal environments.

This spot will also be highlighted in orange with the scanner should you need it. Pick up the grenades in the back left corner and proceed. You’ll come across another two Grunts before getting to the door to the next room.

Though you can collect them now, it is far easier with grapplehook upgrades, and easier still once you have unlocked the Wasp from collecting enough Valor to unlock at a FOB. There are said to be 45 Spartan Cores waiting to be found in Halo Infinite. Some of them will be very obviously presented to you as you progress through the main story, but others are hidden around the Halo Infinite open world map.

One is a standard Brute equipped with a Mangler while the other is a heavily armored Brute equipped with a Ravager. It’s best to try and land headshots on halo infinite foundation all collectibles both these Brutes, especially the red one. You’ll only get a short window to fight them solo before a Banished ship swoops in and drops off two Brutes.

So with that in mind, here are the Halo Infinite Foundation collectibles locations found during the second story mission. The audio log is to the left of the large slot with the desired power seed. There are three audio logs in Halo Infinite within the Foundation.