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Comedian Nigel Ng will never forget his family’s reaction to the video that made him go viral in July. And as a rando white guy, I realized I loved “Uncle Roger” for his wit and insight, and there was never a time I was ironically laughing at his voice. But again, I rarely ever find fault with asians mocking their culture for entertainment.

The role of Arthur is one of the most demanding performances that a voice actor could hope to undertake. Roger Clark had to bring everything to the table for a 40+ hour game showcased Arthur as the dark yet endearing anti-hero. Finding this character appealing and engaging, despite the glaring flaws, was no easy task, and a lot could have gone wrong. But Roger Clark brings it all to the table and shows that Arthur has a good heart, even if he commits bad deeds. One of the most immaculate instances of a video game character performance in gaming history. Uncle Roger was a character created and played by Nigel Ng.

While Arthur claims that he doesn’t have too many thoughts, opinions or conscience regarding the gang’s choices or actions – this is not true. The player hears his inner monologues and understands his melancholy view of the world, a place where he no longer can fit in, despite only wanting to live free. While White actors are no longer playing these characters, we’ve switched over to using people of our own race as the punchline. Instead of having White actors mock us for our mannerisms, looks, and speech patterns, we’ve switched to having people of our own race portray us like that.

He’s a bit of a cooking know-it-all, even though he’s not out here in a kitchen day in and day out. The name Roger is a nod to the type of Anglicized how to use fishing rod pokemon sword name that’s a by-product of colonization in Malaysia . And the look arose after Ng DM’ed all of his friends to text him pictures of their dads.

He sounds nasal, sly, and consistently goads other characters in an attempt to gain a reaction for his own sadistic pleasure. This is also replicated in the way that he moves; he is crooked all-round. To make this character as detestable as he is is no easy accomplishment. Blomquist brings Micah to life in a way that makes the character completely unlikable – an effective motivator for players in the game. Without mincing words, thanks to Blomquist’s skill and talent in the role, it is hard not to hate him. Hollywood has conditioned us to normalize Asian American stereotypes as a good joke instead of racism.

Press freedom is guaranteed under the Basic Law, security law, Bill of Rights and Chinese constitution. Before you click play, think about the poor Singaporean student who was savagely attacked on the streets of London for “spreading Covid.” Educators and activists have tried in vain for years to eradicate throwaway racism. And it only takes a mindless creator and their purposeless content to undo all their good work, reigniting the embers of racial bigotry and hate. Nigel Ng’s material stereotypes – the Asian experience in the West – sets back racial discussions by decades, let alone going against the spirit of diversity and inclusion.

So now, Uncle Roger always wears his signature orange polo , with a huge phone case attached to his belt. When we met for this interview in the middle of four sold-out shows in New York City, I’d forgotten to ask if he wanted to bring his orange polo for the photo shoot. Molly O’Shea is voiced by Penny O’Brien, an authentic Irish voice actor from Dublin. Her legitimate accent substantially enhances Molly as a character, helping sell her character’s origin. Similarly to the rest of the Red Dead Redemption 2 voice actors, Penny has a limited background in acting, with this game being the only instance of her voice acting.

But the one with the most promise was the one least removed from reality. Jim Santangeli is the Red Dead Redemption 2 voice actor for Mr. Pearson. He has a career that has extended over 10 years in acting, writing, and directing for TV, film, and online projects.