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If you would like to become a contributor we have some submission guidelines you have to follow and a few requirements you will need to meet. Once a blog has been published on we may use snippets or summaries of the content to promote on social media. You can link to relevant references but anything that is promoting a product or service will not be published. The ultimate aim of introducing this platform is to bridge the knowledge gap between professionals and taxpayers. Please note we will not accept links to drug-related, gambling, payday loans or adult websites.

We do provide remarkable opportunity for the writers to highlight their expertise and presenting your skills of writing via social media and Internet. At present, we don’t plan to go ahead with any kind of compensation, but we assure that you would be enjoying the visibility on the growing platform. There is no restriction with regards to the number of submission of the articles; it all depends on you and your schedule.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Your articles will appear in the search results if you add a few relevant keywords in your post. When someone searches for those keywords on Google, your post will show in the top results. Look for crucial issues before producing or delivering an article for writing for us. The article’s subject matter must be financial or related to our categories.

Likewise, we welcome guest pieces that give unique perspectives on finance and business, as long as they are practical, educational, informative, and user-friendly. They should be able to write user-friendly articles that succinctly provide all the essential information. Also, once the article is published on our website you can not use it anywhere.

After you have pitched an idea for an article, we will select one of the topics that you have suggested from the available options and offer it to you to write about. Real estate articles include buying a house, selling and renting a house, home improvement, and real estate investment. Submitted the guest blogging to mybooks is an easy-peasy process. Submit using the form below, including a link to your Google Doc.

We will review the article you submitted and if it is aligned with our guidelines, our team will contact you for the date of publication. To write for us, we will only consider proposals from freelance writers, professional authors, startup companies, or individual writers. If you’re a guest blogger, a copywriter or someone who’s passionate about finance, we’d love to hear from you. We invite well written, detailed and accurate articles on our website for win/win SEO results.

A wide range of financial, business, and investment-related categories are available for guest articles at We want to hear from you if you have a subject of knowledge that you’d like to share with our readers. They’re a terrific way to help people get their businesses off the ground and improve their financial conditions by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

We provide visitors with the opportunity to write a guest essay. A guest article can be submitted on a variety of financial, business, or insurance-related topics. We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in writing for us! If you have knowledge that you’d want to share with our readers, write a blog post for us or submit your guest posts.

We won’t be accepting guest posts that don’t meet the requirements listed below. For another individual because you would rather have your own content that people can read instead of having them search for your link through Google or another search engine. When you write your own content, it is important to keep in mind that it must be unique to add value to the reader. The more valuable the content, the better the backing you will generate.